Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween idea

After watching many Youtube videos last Halloween, I kept coming back to one in particular because it was just so bloody cool! It was Petrilude's Unzipped tutorial found here and it is amaaaaazing! I went to a party with this makeup on and everyone was suitably grossed out by my eye and kept asking me if it hurt :)

Nice, right?! I didn't want to buy more makeup just for this one night, so I raided my stash, and all it took was a Rimmel red lip liner, a black eyeliner, red lip gloss, Benefit's Benetint to make little droplets of blood, eyelash glue and of course the zip!  It didnt take that long to do and it didn't stain my face afterwards.

I'm not sure what I'll do this year for Halloween, I have a Geisha costume so maybe that, but I just watched a video of someone doing Anime eyes and it looks deadly, so might try that, here's the link. Will do some more research over the weekend and post my inspiration :)

Toodle pips for now  xxx


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