Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo

This shampoo was purchased by me during the big Lush extravaganza splurge of 2009.  Lush has an amazing sale right after Christmas, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try a bunch of products. 

This product immediately caught my eye because of the name.  Who doesn't love a Curly Wurly from the Christmas selection boxes?!  Now, I don't have curly hair.  I have pretty straight hair with a bit of a wave to it if I let it dry naturally.  This was not going to stop me from trying this stuff.

Lush's website says "Curly Wurly makes thick, unruly curls behave. It's packed full of nutritious creamed coconut and coconut oil, moisturising vanilla, softening eggs and avocado butter to give moisture back to hair and eliminate frizz." 

The container itself says "Absolutely Gorgeous Coconut & Vanilla Conditioning Shampoo.  To control thick, curly hair: makes it soft & shiny & smooth.  Deeply moisturising, emollient shampoo with 15% coconut for condition.  Work into wet hair thoroughly. Rinse out. (Washing out the coconut is tricky but definitely worth the bother.)"

When I opened the container in the shop, I was taken aback by the consistency of the product and then intrigued, I needed to buy, so I did, for £8.60.  Pretty expensive for a shampoo, but I use all the Lush haircare as a treat for my hair.  As I mentioned, I still have this from just after Christmas last year, I have until 20/12/2010 to use it, so I'd better get using it!

I find it hard to truly explain the texture of the shampoo since I don't own anything like it.  It is a thick, almost cold porridge that has set consistency that you need to scoop out of the container.  I usually take about a tablespoon's worth of product and spread it into the palms of my hands.  I then rub it into my hair and onto my scalp, where it lathers so quickly and thickly.  It gives a huge amount of rich lather that I love, to me, the more suds, the better :)  I then start to rinse it out.  And this is where the slight problem starts.

The shredded coconut that runs through the entire product is an absolute pain to rinse out.  I have long hair, so when I think it's all gone, I take a handful of the ends of my hair, only to find a bunch of coconut tormenting me.  I found that the hotter the water, the more the coconut seemed to stick to my hair, so when I'm rinsing, I try to use lukewarm water, which seems to do the trick. 

It has a coconutty-vanilla smell that is ok, I can't put my finger on what I like/dislike about the smell, other than saying it's ok.  It leaves my hair lovely and soft and others have said they like the smell of my hair afterwards.  It is a conditioning shampoo, so I don't usually use a separate conditioner after washing my hair.

I don't think I use it often enough to see if it makes any difference to my hair.  The thought of fighting with the coconut to get it out of my hair overshadows the want for me to use it frequently.

Has anyone with curly hair tried this and if so, let us know how you got on :)

Halloween Look - Silver Cat Eye

A few weeks ago when browsing the Sephora website, I came across this photo here.  It's called Beauty In A Box: Devil, and when I saw the eye makeup, I knew I had to try it for the laugh.

I managed to do one eye well, but messed up the second eye due to lack of coordination :)  So these pics are of the good eye, until I learn how to master liquid liner on the eyelid.

I didn't take photos at each step so this is the finished look.  I applied a silver eyeshadow over the whole eyelid to the crease and under the eye too.  I then used an angled brush to apply a dark grey eyeshadow, in my case MAC's Print, as a template for where the liquid liner would go.  This is a great tip if you're a bit wobbly with the liquid liner :) 

I then applied liquid liner on top of the Print eyeshadow, being as careful as I could.  I applied black liner to the waterline and to the upper lash line, slapped on some mascara and voila!

Next time I'll do the two eyes and step by step too.  This look would be great for a Halloween party tonight :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nail of the Day: Cherries in the Snow

This is a quick post to show the nails I'll be rocking tomorrow :)  Am heading out for dinner after work tomorrow so felt the need for something bright and fun, cue Revlon's Cherries in the Snow.

Once again I must apologise for the mess around the cuticles, I was watching America's Next Top Model while applying it!  Not to worry, once I wash my hands a couple of times, my nails will look perfect :)

Revlon's Cherries in the Snow - with flash

Revlon's Cherries in the Snow - no flash
 I love this colour, now I just need it to dry before bedtime so I don't get sheet marks on the nails :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghostly Nails - Halloween Nail Art

Today on the girlies had a blog post on Halloween Nail Art Ideas.  They have some brilliant ideas and as soon as I saw the ghostly eyes one, I knew I would be able to do it (only cos it was the easiest one!).

I put 2 coats of a black nail varnish on each nail and let it dry.  I then put a big blob of white nail varnish onto a piece of paper and used the back of my tweezers to make the whites of the eye, dipping it into the white varnish and ever so gently dabbing it onto the nails in sets of 2.  Then I put a blob of the black nail varnish onto the same sheet of paper and using the same end of the tweezers, put an even smaller dot into the whites of the eyes (this was done by holding my breath for each dot!).

Here are the photos, please excuse the shoddy edges!

Ghostly Eyes with flash

Ghostly Eyes without flash
 This didn't take long at all and it's a cute little way to dress up the nails :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar

I bought this little baby about a month ago in the Lush shop in Newry for £4.65 and fell in love.  I'm all about the shiny hair, it's half the reason I dyed my mousey brown hair a lovely dark brown.  I'm now letting it fade/grow out while I decide what I next want to do with my hair.  In the meantime, I am using Lush's Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar.

Lush says "Lovely smelling ylang ylang oil makes dull hair shiny; we’ve even added little bits of glitter to increase the dazzling effects."  I tried hard to get a photo showing the little bits of glitter in it, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.  I've used the bar over 10 times so far and there is still plenty of glitter to be seen.

Firstly, I love the smell.  It's a clean, fresh scent that isn't too overpowering.  I have a weird thing with fruity or sweet smelling shampoos and conditioners.  I just think my hair *feels* cleaner when I've used something with a clean scent.  Put it this way, whenever I'm picking out things like shower gels, it's usually the blue or green ones that I go for, they're generally the clean smelling ones in my book anyway!

This lathers so easily.  I used the Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar earlier in the year, and while I absolutely adore the smell of it (I just kept picking it up for a sniff when I'd walk by), it took a bit of work to get it to lather and it crumbled to bits as I got towards the end of it and made it hard to use.  Ultimate Shine lathers within seconds covering your head it lots of lovely bubbles :)

When I rinse it out of my hair, I'm left with squeaky clean hair, which is a must for me.  I need to hear the squeak to know when I dry my hair, I'm not going to be left with a big greasy head from any product residue.

Sometimes I'll condition my hair in the shower but mostly when I use Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar, I'll use a leave-in conditioner.  My hair is left lovely and shiny which is what I'm all about.

Lush sells little tins to store the shampoo bars in, but I don't know how well that would work out.  At the moment, I leave mine sitting on top of a pot of cream and when it dries, it sticks to the lid of the pot.  I wonder if the shampoo would stick to the inside of the tin and how hard it would be to get it out!

I will most definitely repurchase :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: No 7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil

I always forget to use my vouchers from Boots for €7.50 off No 7 Items or Ruby and Millie, always.  Have gotten plenty in the past, never remember to use them.  Until now!  Since I started this whole blogging thing, I'm trying to be more aware of what I spend money on, so when I was given a voucher a couple of weeks ago, I thought "perfect!"

I had wanted to buy the No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, which I did and will review at a later date.  I need to use it more before giving a full review.  When searching for the cleanser, I came across the No 7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil and was immediately taken in by the packaging.  But I didn't want to spend €12.95 on it.  So I was a good girl and went up to pay for my cleanser when the lovely lady in Boots gave me another voucher!  I took this as a sign that I was supposed to get the oil, so I did :)  A bargain for €5.45 after the €7.50 off.

The packaging is gorgeous.  It comes in an elegant peach coloured box with silver detailing.  The front of the box says "An indulgent in-shower treat, containing nourishing Argan and Grapeseed Oils for soft, supple skin."  The back says "Indulgent shower experience.  Give yourself an indulgent start to the day with this luxurious cleansing shower oil.  With a combination of nourishing Argan and hydrating Grapeseed oils, pack with Omega 6 and 9, this gentle-foaming oil transforms your everyday shower into a spa experience in the comfort of your own home, conditioning the skin as it softly cleans and moisturises."

Sounds good right?  They certainly want me to know that it's indulgent, that's for sure.  They suggest to use it with a body puff or cloth, I used my trusty puff.  The top of the bottle itself has a little button you push down and the dispenser pops up. 

I squirted a decent amount of the golden coloured runny oil onto the puff and got to work on making it lather.  It took a bit of elbow grease to get it to lather and I ended up squirting a bit more of the product onto the body puff.  When something tells me it's going to be luxurious, I want lots of bubbles!   I wasn't too taken by the smell.  I'm not sure what I was expecting but it had a slight floral scent, not very strong at all.  I like to enjoy the scent of the shower gel I'm using, call me crazy :)  I like to be able to smell the scent after I've finished showering and feeling all clean.  This just didn't smell enough for me.

After washing myself and drying off, I didn't feel any difference whatsoever to my skin.  My elbows were still really dry and my skin generally felt exactly the same.  Disappointing for an indulgent, luxurious, spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

I will finish the bottle due to my Project 10 Item that is still in the works, I've finished 5 items so far!  I wouldn't bother getting this again, even if I did have a voucher from Boots.  Give me my trust Radox shower gel for €1.50, it might not be indulgent or luxurious, but I feel lovely and clean afterwards :)  And thats what it's all about!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beauty quickie: Polka Dot Nails

I was totally inspired after reading this post on the fantastic, where they showed a step by step guide on how to do Polka dot nails easily.  Needless to say, when I saw how easy it looked, I posted a response saying I would have to try it :)  Their article says to use a pen to achieve the uniform dots. I, however, couldn't find one so opted to use the end of my tweezers, where the two arms meet at the end, if that makes sense.

I applied two coats of Barry M's Raspberry nail varnish, followed by a white nail varnish used for French manicures for the dots.

This was the outcome:

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, considering I was doing it while watching the Cheryl Cole interview on TV hehe  I need to go around the edges of the nails with a cotton bud and nail varnish remover, but that can be tomorrow's job :)

Sunday Smokey Eye Look

I was inspired to do a Smokey look last Sunday and the same inspiration came over me today :)  I thought I'd try a slightly different method and show one eye completely done and compare it to the other eye step-by-step.  Let me know what you guys think and if you prefer the other step-by-step guide with me applying the makeup to each eye at the same time.

These are the products I used but you can absolutely use whatever you have handy, this is just a method and a guide.  I used MAC's paintpot in Blackground, Stila's Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx, Stila's shadows in Pewter and Cloud, MAC's Carbon eyeshadow, and Collection 2000's Big Fake False Lash Effect mascara.  That's it! And each eye took less than 10 minutes, which included taking photos of each step.  Easy peasy :)

Before and After, bit of a difference hehe

Before and After

I started by applying Blackground onto my eyelid and blended it using my finger to slightly above the crease.  This base will make the eyeshadows more intense and will help your makeup last longer.

MAC's Paintpot in Blackground on eyelid
 The next step was to apply Pewter to the crease and blend slightly above the crease.  The key to a smokey look is blending, keep doing it and it will look great :)

Stila's Pewter applied to the crease and blended upwards

Following this, I applied Carbon to my eyelid and packed on the colour as best I could.  I took the colour slightly up into the crease to blend with Pewter.

MAC's Carbon applied to the eyelid
 Next, I took a small brush and applied Pewter just under the lower lash line, concentrating the colour on the outer corner.  I also applied Cloud to the inner corner and brought it slightly down below the eye.  I applied a very sheer wash of it to above the Pewter, but didn't bring it as far as the browbone.  It's too shimmery for that and I just wanted to bring a bit of light to the look.

Pewter under lid, Cloud in inner corner and above crease
 I took my trust Kajal liner in Onyx and lined my waterline and tightline.  It is a pet peeve of mine to do a smokey look and be able to see skin around the lash line!

Stila's Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx

Finally, I applied a coat of mascara and that was it! 

Collection 2000's Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara

I love this look.  It makes my eyes look elongated by deepening the colour at the outer lids, upper and lower.  If you don't believe me, scroll back up to the first photo :)  I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have any requests or suggestions, leave a comment below or email me :)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Everyday makeup look

'Tis Friday and the long weekend is here woo hoo!  I was playing around with makeup last night and decided to do my go to everyday makeup look.  It's quick and easy and fixable if you end up going out after work.

Starting off with bare eyes (holy moly I look tired!):

I applied Stila's eyeshadow in Kitten all over the lid.  It is a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour and *the* only eyeshadow I have ever hit pan on, ever.  This could be due to the fact that I own a lot of shadows, but I like to think it's because it is my perfect wash of colour eyeshadow that I come back to time and again.  It's natural and you won't look like a disco ball, I heart it.

Stila Kitten all over lid
Next I applied my second favourite eyeshadow, Urban Decay in Smog, to the outer corner of my lid and up into the crease.  Smog is a gorgeous browny/bronzey shimmery eyeshadow that applies and blends like a dream.  I pair these two shadows together a lot since they compliment each other so well.

Stila Kitten on lid, Urban Decay Smog in outer corner

Stila Kitten on lid, Urban Decay Smog in outer corner

I then decided that this wasn't enough makeup, as I usually tend to do, so more was needed :)  Under my eyes, I applied Kitten to the inner half and Smog to the outer half, and Smog to the upper lash line to define the eyes.

Stila Kitten on lid & inner under eye, Urban Decay Smog in outer corner & outer under eye
The next step was to apply mascara.  I grabbed the nearest one to hand, Collection 2000's Big Fake Falsh Lash Effect.  I took a photo with mascara on one eye, to show what this stuff does.  Highly recommended for a cheap and cheerful mascara.  This is with just one coat which is enough for me for work.  After work, it's a different story :)

Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara on the left
Both eyes with one coat of mascara:

Both eyes with mascara
 And that's where it ends for a work daytime look.  A quick and easy way to touch up the makeup if you're going out after work is with the help of trusty eyeliner.  I first tried some brown liner on the waterline, but it ended up looking kind of red on my eye, let me show you:

Brown liner on waterline
Not a huge difference huh?  I like my liner to be a bit more dramatic when going out at night.  So I applied some black liner over the brown and was much happier with the result.

Black liner on waterline
I think it adds a nice intensity without having big raccoon eyes!  Anyone can pull off this look, all you need is 2 eyeshadows; a champagne one and a bronzey one, black liner and mascara. That's all folks.  If you wanted to use an eyelid primer to make your eyeshadows last all day, then go ahead, you're the boss :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone :o)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: GOSH Natural Touch Foundation

A curious thing has happened.  I bought this foundation on Saturday in Superdrug, threw out the receipt, went to search for it on Superdrug's website for the price, not to be found?!  Googled it? Nada, not even on the GOSH website itself.  So either it's reeeeeeally new, or reeeeeeally crappy!  I shall still review as planned :)

GOSH says "GOSH Natural Touch Foundation is an amazing light foundation.  The mineral pigments unify your skin tone and give you a natural and perfect look.  The texture is lightweight, soft and effective.  It is almost invisible on the skin but still gives what you expect from a foundation - a natural and flawless finish.  It diminishes facial imperfections while the organic sweet almond oil moisturises and nourishes your skin.  Vitamin A+E reduce the formation of free radicals. SPF8.

From memory, I think I bought this for €9.95 in Superdrug.  That was with a couple of euro off as part of a deal.  (I really must keep track of deals and prices from now on).

I tried a couple of shades and finally decided on 36 Ivory.  I'm NW15 in MAC foundations and usually the lightest or second lightest in other foundations.  It comes with a handy pump dispenser (NARS foundations take note please!) which I enjoy very much.  This foundation has the lightest consistency of all my foundations.  One pump initially seems too like much, but once you start blending it into the skin, it disappears effortlessly and easily.

It is quite perfumed, not something I'm used to in my foundations.  It's a fruity/floral smell (now I know why I haven't reviewed any of my vast collection of perfumes, cannot describe smells to save my life!), not overpowering at all.

When applying foundations, I do the same thing each time.  I apply a pump onto my MAC 109 brush, dot it around my face and start blending in circular motions.  If I remember, I'll use a stippling motion with the brush to ensure there are no streaks left on my face.  My aim is to have that airbrushed look, but at 7am, you do what you can with 10 minutes to do makeup :)

On to the results.  I do think it evens out my skin tone a decent amount.  I prefer a thicker foundation with more coverage, but it is buildable and when I applied 2 layers, I was really happy with the outcome.  It dries to a slightly dewey finish but doesn't appear shiny at all.  I have normal/oily skin and hate foundations that leave me looking like a greasy monkey, but this gives a lovely soft finish.  I don't think it gives a flawless finish, I'm still in search of the perfect foundation for that, but it does give a natural finish.

I wore it once last week and the following morning, I had a pimple on my chin. Might be a coincidence, so I will wear it again tomorrow all day and see what happens.
*Update* I've worn this quite a bit since I've done this review and I love it.  I would recommend that you try it if you're looking for a light foundation that leaves you with a dewey finish.  Great drug store foundation :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Makeup Look - Skull

This is what I did this evening, I was a bit bored and ever since I saw this tutorial by Letzmakeup earlier in October, I knew I wanted to try it.  So why not tonight hehe

This is how it turned out and I'm pretty happy with the results:

And what's even better, I didn't have to go out and buy anything to do it!  I used a gel liner from Penneys/Primark for the black, followed by a matte black shadow from one of my sleek pallettes (I didn't wanna ruin my MAC Carbon).  I had a white water based face and body makeup from a couple of Halloween's ago, topped with a random white eyeshadow from a Beauty UK pallette (v cheap).  It took about an hour but I didn't mind since it's something I was dying to try. 

One more pic for good luck with a mad looking wig :)

Happy Halloween all :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glitter Eyeliner!

Since the Christmas season is fast approaching, I decided it was time to talk about glitter eyeliner.  If there's any time the year where you can wear glitter liner and get away with it, it's Christmas!!

I popped into Superdrug recently and picked up some excellent bargains in the form of these MUA liners.  They were a bargaintastic €1.20 each!  I believe they're £1 in the UK Superdrugs.

I got 5 shades of gorgeous sparkliciousness:
Top to bottom: Shade 9, Shade 1, Shade 7, Shade 2, Shade 10
The wand is a strange little plastic webbed contraption, that manages to pick up a decent amout of product and for that, I think it's better than the usual brush you'd get with a glitter liner.  When I apply the product, I lay the wand flat on my eye, and tap gently and the glitter is applied quite uniformly without dragging it along the eye.

I decided to show you the eyeliners in two ways; on one eye I applied the glitter liner over a pencil liner of a similar colour and on the other eye, I applied the glitter liner onto the lid directly.

First is Shade 9, a gorgeous electric blue with two-toned blue/electric blue glitter.  I absolutely love this colour.  It definately needs a base liner to go over, or maybe over an eyeshadow.  The glitter is a bit sparse when applied to a bare lid, but with careful layering, you can get something more opaque.

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over navy pencil liner

Secondly we have Shade 1.  This is a lovely silver glitter liner that looks great on a bare lid or over a silver liner.  It looks less sparse on a bare lid than the blue liner.

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over silver eyeliner
Third up is Shade 7.  I think this is my favourite shade of those I bought.  This one applies like a dream on it's own or over purple liner.  I can't wait to wear it out some night :)

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over purple eyeliner
Next is Shade 2.  It's a pretty gold shade that isn't too sparkley at all.  It applies beautifully on both a bare lid and gold eyeliner and out of all 5 shades, this is the one that does this the best.

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over gold eyeliner
Finally we have Shade 10, a black liner with silver glitter.  This would add a gorgeous bit of sparkle to a smokey look for a New Year or Christmas party.  The only thing I would say is this one took a bit longer to dry, so when I opened my eyes properly when it was still wet, it transferred to my upper eyelid, very annoying :)

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over black eyeliner
I tried applying these to my lower eyelid, right under the lashes and it was a disaster!  I ended up getting it all over the lashes and generally made a big mess.  Maybe I need more practice! 
I would definately recommend these liners.  They are cheap and cheerful and do the job.  They're a pain to remove, but what glitter liner isn't?  My face is now full of 5 shades of glitter but it was worth it.

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