Monday, October 18, 2010

Beauty Quickie: Bright Eyes Benefit vs Stila

I thought I'd do a little post on brightening up your eyes and making yourself look a bit more awake as the mornings get darker :)

My two favourite eyeliners that I use to help me achieve that "I just had coffee" look are Benefit's Eye Bright and Stila's Kajal liner in Topaz.

Eye Bright is a pinky flesh toned liner that can be used on the waterline, in the inner corner to brighten the eyes more and if you have purple under your eyes it brightens that too.   Just gently swipe it over the dark circles and pat it in gently.

Topaz is a neutral flesh coloured liner that can be used on the waterline.  To me, it looks a bit like you've put concealer on the waterline, but that could be just to do with my skin tone.  Maybe on someone with darker skin it might look a bit more natural.

With no liner, just mascara

I decided to apply Eye Bright to one eye and Topaz to the other so you could see the differences in them and how they work for me.

Left eye: Eye Bright    Right eye: Topaz

On the left is Eye Bright and you can see it is more pink than the Topaz on the right.  I think the Eye Bright makes my eye look a bit more awake and is less harsh than a white liner.

Next, I applied Eye Bright to the inner corner of both eyes and blended gently.  It brightens up my eyes even more without looking too shimmery or like I've a lot of makeup on.

I think I like Benefit's Eye Bright better because it just works on my skin tone more than the Stila Topaz.  I feel a bit more self conscious that it looks like I put concealer on my waterline with Topaz, but now as I look at the pictures above, it actually looks nice and natural compared to the Eye Bright.  I'm so fickle I can't even make my mind up!

What do you guys use to help you not look so exhausted?  Maybe I'm still in search for the perfect product...


  1. d'you know what, patting out the stila one out a works well - it does look a bit easi-single-ish just drawn on and left! I completely love it over eye bright and it'd definitely have been my previous go-to for an eye pick me up.

  2. Thanks Kirstie, I'll have a go with the aul Topaz again and pat it on, maybe you'll change my mind hehe Anything to look more awake these days, roll on the long weekend!

  3. I like the look of the Stila one more. I have the eye bright but think it looks way too obvious on my waterline. Might try the patting it on trick tho!


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