Sunday, October 10, 2010

Need it or Leave it? Lush Paradise Regained Moisturiser Review

Last year in the sales after Christmas, I decided to treat myself to some treats from Lush.  They were having a great sale, so I took full advantage of it!  In this post, I'll just talk about the Paradise Regained moisturiser, but I will review the other items at a later stage.

I was excited to try a moisturiser from Lush and after doing some research, decided on this one.  Lush's website says "Paradise Regained is a moisturiser with sunscreens to stop the UVA and UVB damaging your skin. It has green tea for its antioxidant properties (defence from free radicals) and its natural fruit acids come from pineapples and grapes." 

The container itself says "Natural no-tox, reviving moisturiser for daytime with AHA's from fresh fruits to brighten and enliven the skin with sun protection. SPF15."

I'm all for brightening and enlivening the skin, love the idea of antioxidants and SPF? Perfect!

I used it every day in the morning but struggled with the scent of it.  When I tried it in the shop, the smell wasn't too bad, but all over my face every day, I found the scent too strong.  Even now, I can't pinpoint what it is about the smell that I don't like.  I  have it on my hand now and it's giving me a headache :) It felt nice and light on my skin, but my T zone got oily pretty quickly.  Usually it takes a few hours for that to happen with other moisturisers.

 I gave the product a break of about a month or so because I couldn't stomach the smell anymore.  Then I felt bad hehe I had spent all of that money and still had a huge amount of product to get through.  So I decided to give it another go.  I opened the container and this is what I found:

The product had completely separated!  There was all this liquid in amongst the cream and it looked manky to be honest.  I tried stirring it to see if it would combine again, but alas, didn't happen.  I was left with this pot of gick that when I tried to apply to my hand to see what would happen, it didn't absorb properly at all.

So I'm £25.50 down but what can you do?  I stored it along with the other moisturiser I got that same day on my dresser, out of sunlight, nowhere near the radiator, so who knows what made it happen.  I won't be repurchasing this :)

Need it or Leave it?  Leave it

Now I need to wash this gick off my hand!!!

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