Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bailey in the snow :)

I had to write an ickle post to show you all Bailey my cockapoo doggie having a ball in the snow hehe  He absolutely loves it and even though it makes his toes cold and gives him snowballs in the beard, he's a happy chappy out in it :)



  1. Oh my God he's so cute!! I'm a sucker for a cute dog, and he'd have my heart melted in no time at all! Aren't they so much fun in the snow, I saw so many happy dogs out today delighted with the weather and having something new to play with :)

  2. He is adorable... Muffin wants a play date!

  3. Bailey says thanks ladies hehe He also wishes the snow would come back instead of this mucky slush we have at the mo :)

  4. Sweet J'sus, he is lovely! I like big fluffy breeds, you can cuddle them and they'll keep you warm in winter :)! Sweet!


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