Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pantene Nature Fusion Leave-in Conditioner

This product has been my saviour over these past couple of weeks :)  As the weather gets colder, so does my bathroom.  Hence, I need to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible.  There's nothing worse than messing around in the shower waiting for your 3 minutes of conditioning to be up, nah, not for me.

So this is my little gem that I bought months ago and used sporadically since.  Lately, I've been using it more and more.  I wash my hair with whatever's in the shower at the time and then towel dry my hair.  I use one squirt of the product since I got my hair cut, but before then, I was using two.  *warning*  It might just be my container, but when I try squirting the product from the pump dispenser, it squirts everywhere!  It ends up all over my clothes, all over the dresser, carpet etc  You get the picture :)  So I cup my hand around the dispenser to avoid that, so don't say I didn't warn you!

Once it's in the palm of my hand, I rub my hands together, flip my head over and start applying it to the back of the hair and then to the front, avoiding the roots.  I go ahead and dry my hair and it really does leave my hair so soft and shiny.  I also used it the other day after trying to get to grips with Lush's Jungle Solid Conditioner.  It applied it the same way into my dry hair and it was restored to healthy looking hair.  I love Pantene products but this is a must buy in my opinion.  Boots always have some offer on with Pantene be it buy 2 get 1 free or buy 2 for €5, so keep an eye out.

It doesn't weigh my hair down, doesn't leave it greasy and doesn't leave it sticky.  Just gorgeous soft hair.

Has anyone tried this and if so what did ye think?  Or are there any better leave-in conditioners out there that I should try??

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  1. Dear Kar-ten,
    I connected on an emotional level with your conditioner piece. I suffer from major "hair envy"- especially when it comes to your lovely straight hair! Curly oraiste hair can be very troublesome and I'm always on the hunt for decent yet reasonably-priced products! My hair is red-brown, naturally curly, and really fine which means it greasifies quickly. It straightens very easily, but I tend to save that for nights out and leave it curly in general to avoid damage.

    For starters, I wash hair with Tresemme shampoo and conditioner (cleansing one), as the shampoo gets it squeaky clean and the conditioner helps combat the frizzes. Its also reasonably priced at around 8 yo yos (dont quote me!) for a big bottle and lasts a good while. I need to wash my hair at least every two days, so that considered I think I'm getting value for money.

    For curls, I towel-dry, then lash a golf-ball sized blob of Shockwaves "twirl it curl shaping" mousse into my hair, focusing on the root to give a bit more volume; I find that if there is too much at the tip, the hair gets crispy and is weighed down. Considering I also use this every two days, I think its a good sign that I don't remember how much it costs; I must have bought my current can a long time ago!!

    In an ideal world, I would then leave my hair to dry naturally, as I think this is the best way to get nice curls, and as it dries, I would scrunch it up a bit occasionally to add volume. However, due to the cold weather, I am forced to use a hairdrier (on low power)! Lots of scrunching required, as I find that the air blowing on it breaks up the curls and makes it look a bit more stringy, as opposed to the thick, luxurious curls that result when it dries as God intended. For the same reason, I would NEVER brush my hair when curling it; instead shaping it by running my fingers through it or working through only big knots with a wide-toothed comb. As a separate tip- brushing your hair when it is wet seriously damages it, so always use a wide-toothed comb first and work the knots out from the bottom, moving upwards.

    When straightening, my hair sometimes gets a lovely treat :) Kerastase "Ciment Thermique" is quite pricy at about 25 euro for 125mls, but it really does what it says on the tin, and also smells delish. It claims to "strengthen from within" and "protect and reinforce the external layer" of your hair, and is heat-activated, so is designed to protect from abuse such as my occasional straightening! I towel-dry as before, then work a small amount of the product through damp hair, avoiding the root as any leave-in conditioner can weigh the hair down and make it greasy. I then blow-dry (lazily, to add volume), separate into sections and straighten with my GHD, curling the ends gently to avoid the poker-straight look, and finishing with a spritz of whatever hairspray I happen to have (anything BUT Elnett, which is the most evil hairspray in the world)! I find the product makes my hair soft and silky and also makes it waaaay easier to straighten... which allows for more precious party time!

    The one arguable downside of the Kerastase conditioner is that it can weigh your hair down if you use too much- but if you use it sparingly it works a treat and also lasts a long time. Before I matured and started paying rent, I actually used to use this to curl my hair (as mousse technique described above), and even with using generous amounts of it regularly, a bottle used to last me at least a month. Using it just when straightening, my current bottle has lasted about 6 months (shock), having just run out last weekend! So if anyone is thinking of buying me a present for crimbo....!

    Over and out,
    Lexo Patrono


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