Friday, November 19, 2010

Playtime with Konad

It was time for me to have a go at the Konad nail stamping system on myself to see how I fared.  I had done it on my sister's nails here, but now it was the time for me to bite the bullet and try it on my own :)

This is what I used:

I used Catrice's nail varnish in shade 190 Wrapped Around My Finger and the Konad nail plate m9 along with the white Konad varnish, the scraper, stamper and a cotton pad soaked in nail varnish remover.

I had applied the Catrice nail varnish the day before so I thought using the stamping system would be a great way to perk up the nails a bit without having to do them all over again! So please forgive the messy nails below :)

I started by cleaning off the design I wanted to use on the m9 plate using the nail varnish remover on the cotton pad and let it dry.  You'll see which design I picked a bit later.  I then applied a coat of the white varnish onto the design like so:

I then scraped over the template and cleaned the scraper off quickly with the cotton pad leaving the design filled with the white nail varnish.

I then rolled the stamp over the design, giving me this:

I found it was better to roll the stamp slowly and firmly to make sure it picked up as much of the nail varnish as possible.  Cute!! Then I lined the stamp alongside my nail and rolled it over the nail slowly and firmly giving me this on my very messy thumbnail!

I did the same for each nail and it was pretty easy to be honest.  Now granted, not all of the stamps are straight on each nail but who cares, I love them :)

I love these type of things that look like it took you ages to do, when really it was easy peasy and very quick!  I had a lot of comments about them and would recommend everyone have a go.  I really want to try the plates that have the leopard print design and the different french tip designs, they might be an addition to my Christmas wish list!


  1. looks deadly Karen! I had imagined the konad system to be completely different until I saw your posts

  2. Love them. Can't wait to get some. Do you have to use Konad polish with them or can you use any type of polish??

  3. Thanks girls :) I'm gonna try it this weekend with black Barry M Nail polish and the China Glaze silvery one I got on Saturday as the stampy colour, just to see, will put pix up and let ye know how I get on :)


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