Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Essence Studio Nails

I came across these Essence Studio Nails in my local pharmacy a couple of weeks ago and decided I needed to try them after seeing them here on beaut.ie.  The Zebra ones immediately caught my eye and at €2.49, they were worth a try :)  There are 14 stickers altogether of varying sizes.

There's a nail file that you can buy from Essence for €1.99 that you use to file the nail stickers down perfectly.  You use one side to clean and buff the nails, where the other side is used to file the stickers.

I applied the sticker to each nail and used a nail scissors to cut down the excess to just slightly longer than the length of my nail.  I then filed down the sticker as best I could. 

I've never used anything like these stickers before and had no idea what to expect.  The ends of them frayed a bit as I filed as gently as I could.  Looking at my nails from arm's length, they look grand, but up close they just looked messy.

I was not impressed with these at all.  They just wouldn't sit flat on my nails and I followed the instructions as best I could.  I might have to research some more if I was ever to try them again.  They looked like stickers on my nails.  I know that's what they are, but I was hoping they'd look like cool nail varnish.  Alas, not to be.  I've never had anything stuck on my nails before, not press on or gel nails or anything like that.  I have a weird thing about nails and not being able to feel them, if that makes sense.  These felt weird on my nails, like I had stickers on my nails heheh

These were just not for me, but for €2.49, they were worth a try for the craic.  They were immediately removed after taking the photos!


  1. You normally need to use a hairdryer to get them to stick on. Try Minx nails at a salon, they're similar but are done v professionally. Love the blog!

  2. don't think i'll be purchasing these!


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