Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My birthday pressies!

Well, yesterday was my thirty-somethingth birthday and I had a lovely day altogether :)  I got some brilliant presents thanks to friends and family and thought I'd share with you, now that I have a blog and all hehe

First of all, I got these gorgeous boots from my mam back in September from Aldo.  I've been looking for black boots for ages with a wedge and these are per-fect!  Love them a lot and was this close to buying them in brown, maybe in the sales?

I have been known to fall once or twice in my time, often with no alcohol involved so these give me the perfect stability to make sure I don't fall (hopefully!)

Next I got this Lucky Brand bag, an OPI nail varnish set and an NYX eyeshadow palette from my brother and sister.  Love them all so much and can't wait to use them!

Next we have some fantastic Spanish gifts from my love friend Pipi la Rue :) 

The castanuelas are an inside joke and would be highly unfunny if I tried to explain it, I love them and keep them in my handbag for emergencies :)

Finally we have this piece of work.  I had been talking about wanting an everyday ring with Eadaoin from work and showed her the ones I kinda liked online.  Little did I know, she had filed this into her little head and went out in search of the perfect everyday ring for me.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is what she bought me: 

 Speechless is not the word hehe Yes, it is a pure gold-plated sovereign ring and quite a beauty at that.  We had such a laugh over lunch with it, I was made wear it for the rest of the day and Eadaoin made sure to check I was wearing it every time she came to visit heheeh I will direct you to the photo below, where my hand looks like Dec from Ant and Dec with his pinky ring. Yep, I'm a lucky girl hehee
Thanks to all for making my birthday so enjoyable and for all the lovely birthday wishes.  This year was definitely much better than last year.



  1. Hola amiga:The ring really suit you,jajajaja,

  2. Its the ultimate blingin ring... suits ye ;)


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