Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nails today: Rimmel 397 Electric

I haven't put nail varnish on in ages because my nails are in bits, but Sunday night I really wanted to put something on to make me happy and forget about this freezing coldness we have going on now :)

Hello to Rimmel 397 Electric.

This is a gorgeous midnight blue nail varnish with tiny blue glitter in it.  I bought this ages ago after looking around the Chanel counter in town and trying their version of it, Blue Satin.  My sister and I fell in love with it and immediately went to Boots to find a more purse-friendly option.  She had Blue Satin on all of her nails on one hand and we did the other hand with Electric and we couldn't tell the difference.  That was enough for us :)  Sold!

I must issue you with the standard apology for application messiness, I was watching the X Factor results show at the time (don't get me started there!)



  1. Me gusta mucho tu pintura de un'as muchacha.

  2. Such a pretty colour. I lve really dark, slightly off black colours.

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