Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catrice Stay On Eyeliner Pencil

I bought these beauties about 3 weeks ago in one of my local pharmacies while killing time waiting for my sister :)  I will now divulge which pharmacy it was because they have bargains galore in the makeup department and while I wanted to keep it to myself, I want to tell everyone about it more!  It's Tully's Pharmacy in Raheny, beside the library.  I never went into it because it's not on my way home so one day off I went.  Lads, they have 4 baskets of makeup that is half price Gosh, Catrice, Loreal and probably more that I can't think of right now.  Granted, some of the stuff has been opened, so you need to be careful, but a lot of it is still packaged shut.  I got a Gosh lip jam that I lovvvve for €4, some Gosh nail varnish for €4 and then these eyeliners for €1.50 each, half price :)

Now, I had a legitimate reason for even looking for these!  I've been wanting to get a midnight blue eyeliner and while this is still January and we haven't been paid in ages, the Bobbi Brown Sapphire eyeliner that I want, is off the list until payday.  I saw the Catrice stand had these liners and when I saw and swatched the midnight blue one, conveniently called Midnight Blue, I knew I had to have it.  Then when I had a root through the baskets and saw the other three, I knew I had a great bargain.

The brown one is called 020 Dark Brown and is gorgeous and creamy and so easy to apply.  I've worn this to work a couple of times since getting it and love it.  The 060 Midnight Blue shade is a shimmer navy with tiny blue and silvery/pinky glitter running through it.  The light blue one is called 040 Icy Blue and is lovely and shimmery, perfect for the inner corner.  Finally the green one is called 050 Mystic Green and is a shimmery dark green colour.

The liner itself twists up out of the tube which is great, I hate messing around with sharpeners.  This means you can really get stuck in when applying it right into the lash lines and not have to worry about it losing the point.  Now, in fairness, if you're looking for something that's going to give you a neat, delicate line on the upper lash line with a perfect flick, then this is not for you :)

Below is a photo of the green one in action.  I have Mac's Patina on my eyelids and just under the lower lashes.  Then I have the Mystic Green liner on the waterline and applied directly to the lower lash line.  It's a great way of adding some colour to a look and still being able to wear it to work.

Below is a photo showing it properly on the waterline, love it!

The next two photos were taken when I first got the eyeliners, I had to mess around with them :)  On the left is Midnight Blue on top and bottom lashlines and waterline.  I forgot to use the Icy Blue liner!  On the right is Dark Brown on the upper lash line and Mystic Green on the waterline.

The days where I wore Dark Brown to work, I applied it to my upper lashline and it did last all day, so it got full points from me.  I would most heartily recommend these liners to one and all.  I swatched them on my hand about an hour ago so I could take photos and even now when I give them a proper rub with my finger, they're not budging.  They come off easily with makeup wipes which makes me happy.  The newer colours are €2.99 but these ones were €1.50.  Even at €2.99, they're great quality and I think I'm going to have to get more, for blog review purposes of course :)



  1. I love the green one!And you're soooo lucky that you've found such bargains!Do show the rest of your purchases!I want to see how the lip jam looks like!
    Which nail colours did you get?

  2. Gorgeous liners!!!! :)

  3. They look great Karen. I only discovered Catrice before Christmas when I got a couple of eyeshadows but have been keeping an eye out for some more great bargains ever since!

  4. Thanks ladies, I'll show the rest of my purchases this weekend, got a gorge dupe for Mac's Blue Flame which is one of my faves :)


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