Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comparison: Stila vs Essence eyeliner

As you all know I'm all about trying different products and comparing the inexpensive and expensive ones.  Today it's all about the black eyeliner pencil.

I love me some black eyeliner, especially for going out at night.  With this though, the darker the better.  You want something that's going to stay put and is easy to carry in your bag if you're heading out and easy to apply.

In December I was in the local pharmacy looking for the Essence gel eyeliner pots, (which I still cannot find) and came across their Carbon Black Gloss Eye Pencil.  It was either €1.29 or €1.99, not sure, (note to self, New Year resolution, keep a list of the price of things!) but cheap enough anyway.  I swatched it in the pharmacy and was immediately impressed with the pigmentaion.  Had to be tried.

If you've read some of my other posts, you'll know that I am in love with Stila's Kajal in Onyx.  I got it ages ago in Sephora and haven't found anything that can top it in terms of staying power, pigmentation, you name it.

Top is Stila Kajal in Onyx, bottom is Essence Carbon Black Gloss Eye Pencil.

On the left is Stila Kajal and on the right is Essence's Carbon Black.  Hopefully from the swatches you can see that the Stila one is much thicker and creamier than the Essence liner.  Essence's is a thinner formula and you can really see that it is glossier than Stila.  The pigmentation on my hand for both are pretty good, so the next step was to try it on my eyes.

Please excuse the dopey look above!  I was trying to show the liners on the upper lash lines.  On the left is Stila and on the right is Essence.  As you can see, Stila is much more pigmented than Essence and to be honest, the Essence liner doesn't look too glossy here.

Above you can see the difference in the two liners on the waterline.  This photo was taken a couple of minutes after applying each of the liners and you can see that the Stila one on the left is so much more pigmented than the Essence on the right.  I was disappointed because you know how I love finding cheap dupes for products I love!!

This time, Stila wins hands down.  I'll keep the Essence one even to use as a base for smokey eyes (I've a few of them coming up soon).

Does anyone know of any other black pencil eyeliners that could compare to Stila's Kajal?  If so, leave a comment below and I'll be your best friend :)


  1. The Urban Decay liners are really good - probably the best pencil ones Ive tried. I just bought a dior one but I'm saving it (!!). I used to always use gel liners but have reverted back to pencils recently!

  2. The 17 eyeliners do it for me everytime...I've had one since the year dot which should long ago should have seen the insides of a bin for health and safety reasons but it's just so darn pigmented, I can't bear to part with it!!!!

  3. Lads, just found some great liners this evening at the local pharmacy, post coming soon! Thought I'd gotten a black one, evidently not hehe

  4. Love Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden for staying power. Got a free Dior one with my last mascara, was delighted with myself till I tried it - HATE! pulls the skin and not enought pigment. Glad it was free. Great mascara though- Diorshow.


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