Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOTD Rimmel Pop Rose

This is my lovely nail of the day girls :)  I got it a couple of years ago and it's one of my all time favourite nail polishes.  The really long proper name is Rimmel London Lycra Pro Professional Finish in the colour 293 Pop Rose.  It's a gorgeous Barbie bubblegum pink and it makes me pretend it's summertime outside :)

It has one of those maxi brushes that I couldn't take a proper photo of to save my life.  I'll have to try doing my sister's nails and show it to you properly.  Suffice to say, if you see any of the Rimmel nail polishes in a colour you love with this brush, buy it!  As you may know, I'm so messy when it comes to applying nail polish, but I don't mind, the bits on my cuticles and fingers usually wash away after a shower.

But look at what I did all by my own self with no cleaning up or nothin!

This is 2 coats of Pop Rose and a coat of my newly acquired Seche Vite which shall be reviewed soon.  Love love love!



  1. I got this a few years back too and I adore it! So fun and such a brilliant formula!

  2. Love this color I need a good pink polish of my own

  3. Aq this is such a lovely colour. I'm waiting on a "barbie" pink from model's own, I hope it's as nice as this.

  4. Hurrah i can comment! Fab colour karen! Makes me thing of Gwen stefani's song "bubble pop electric" for some unknown reason???!!

  5. That's a really nice colour! I really like Rimmel's polishes, especially because their brushes are thick, so it's easier! I love this colour, well I love pink that's why lol. I'm actually giving away a Rimmel 60 secs nail polish in 810 Blue My Mind on my blog along with other prizes, feel free to have a look, -

    Thanks for a great blog post!
    Bex XxX

  6. this is such a pretty pink :)
    I keep on meaning to try more of these polishes but i never seem to get around to it - great post!! x

  7. Yay, I can comment. Fab colour, love Rimmel polishes can't seem to pass the stand in Boots without buying one.

  8. aww that's such a cute colour!

    check out my blog :)



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