Monday, January 3, 2011

Orofluido review

Well ladies, it's 2011 and I'm back in the land of high speed internet!  I hope you all had a love Christmas and New Year and are ready to start working on your new year resolutions :)

Now, on to the review.  I stayed at my mam's over Christmas and saw that she had a sample bottle of the Moroccanoil oil treatment.  Needless to say I was very excited to try it after my shower and when I did, I loved it.  I went online to see where I could buy it and while chatting on Twitter, the lovely SileC told me about Orofluido and once I saw it was half the price of Moroccanoil, I knew I had to try it!  I got it in Hair Crazy in the Omni Centre in Santry for €20 and SileC says it can be found in Terrisales in Ireland.

It comes in a 100ml glass bottle, so don't drop it!  It's full title is Orofluido Beauty Elixir for your Hair.  I love the word "elixir", it makes me think that the product is going to be amazing and luxurious!  It has a gorgeous, light vanilla smell that isn't overpowering at all.

The box itself says that The Beauty Ritual is as follows Pour some drops of Orofluido onto the palms of your hands and apply generously onto damp, towel-dried hair, dosing the quantity according to your hair type, length and thickness.  Use it on dry hair to discipline and add instant shine: its silky texture is rapidly absorbed and doesn't add weight or leave residues in the hair.  Do not rinse.  Trying is believing...

The first time I used it, I washed and towel dried my hair as normal.  I poured it onto the palms of my hands, like I was told.  I'd say the amount I used was about the size of a penny.  I rubbed it between my palms, flipped my hair upside down and as I always do with leave-in hair products, I started applying it to the back of my hair, so that if I apply too much, it's the underneath part of my hair that looks greasy.  I then ran my hands through the front of the hair, concentrating on the ends rather than the roots.  I have greasy hair anyway so I never apply anything to the roots, conditioner, masks, nothing.

I went ahead and dried my hair and when it was dry, I could still feel the residue of the Orofluido in my hair.  I wasn't sure if this was because my hair wasn't fully dry or if I had used too much product.  So the next day, I washed my hair and towel dried as normal, using the hairdryer to half dry my hair.  Then instead of pouring the product into my hand, I put my palm on top of the bottle, turned the bottle upside down and back upright again, leaving product on my hand.  It was less than the day before, so I gave it a go and haven't looked back since!  I use the same method applying it to my hair and have used it about 5 times now. 

The results are amazing!  After drying my hair, it feels so soft, shiny, bouncy, silky and other nice words to describe hair that I'm really happy with!  I thought with an oil that my hair would feel weighed down or make my hair feel greasy but this is so not the case.  I don't do a proper blow dry when I'm doing my hair everyday, it's literally head upside down, brush with paddle brush, head upright, try to flatten hair down to remove ginormous cowlick and this works.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this to try if you are new to the hair oil malarky.  When I was reading about it today, a lot of sites were talking about the fact that it contains silicones.  I know nothing about silicones so am going to make it my mission this week to read up on them and see what the story is.  For those interested, here are the ingredients.



  1. This stuff sounds beaut, maybe exactly what I need to make the frizzy layer of my hair nice and smooth!

  2. My hairdresser always uses this in my hair but I find if I have my hair done in the morning it's already greasy by evening so was afraid to buy to use at home..(have fine, non-oily hair). Maybe I should try it myself and use less hmm...

  3. @Sarah You should deffo try it out or see if you can get a sample on ebay or something :)

    @Mariga I wonder if your hairdresser uses too much? I literally use the tiniest amount and it works wonders, I know the bottle will last me for ages hehe

  4. This I show I apply my Moroccanoil aswell, it's too much otherwise. They have this in my Sallys in Navan but am going to try and finish (some time in 2020!) my moroccanoil first cos I'd never manage 2!

    Good to hear another rave review about this too.....

  5. Saw some samples of this last time I was in Salon Services. Must pop by tomorrow and see if they've any left.

  6. @Mariga, let me know how you get on if you end up trying it again, would be good to see how you get on using it yourself with a lighter hand!

  7. Hi! I just found your blog, love it.

    I am in love with this stuff - got it in Salon Services in Longford a while back, absolutely adore it. I do the same when putting it on - just a tiny, tiny bit is enough. My hair's usually mental and any time I use this, I get compliments. Love it :)

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