Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yay I won stuff!

Lads, I never win anything, ever.  Then in the space of a couple of weeks I won a Sephora by OPI nail varnish set from; I had gotten a set from my family for my birthday, you can see it here, and on, I won a few things that I'll show you below.  I was delighted with all of my winnings :)  The nail varnish set went to my sister since we both love OPI and since we live together, we have double the stash :)

My nails are in absolute bits at the moment and I'm working on them.  For the past few months they've been flaking, peeling and really soft, so I'm not inclined to put nail polish on them until they're a bit better.  But here's the Sephora by OPI set in all it's glory.  Isn't she beautiful??

I can't wait to be able to use these babies, well maybe not the brown one in the final photo, second from the right, not a very pleasant colour :)

Stylesiren ran a 12 days of Christmas competition and this is what I won.

First up is a NeoStrata gift set which includes the Bionic Face Cream, 2 facial cleanser samples and 2 free treatment peels.  I'm not going out this weekend so might have a go of it on Friday.  I've never had a facial in my life so will have nothing to compare it to but I'm looking forward to trying it out.  I'll review it when I do.

I think the name of the next product will give the Irish readers a little giggle, it's called uspa supernatural Kashmir moisturising shampoo.  I love the bottle and love trying new shampoos.  I can't wait to have a go and review it.  I'd never heard of the uspa brand but am ready and willing to give it a shot.

Finally, I won a print by the visual artist Nicole Tilley called "Shot through with starlight".  It's gorgeous and I've spent ages turning it this way and that to see if I can see any other faces in it :)  Look at me, I'm an art collector!

My mam also won a prize on, she won an Aussie haircair set and she absolutely loves it.  She's got short, thick, coarse hair and has been using the set since she got it.  Her hairdresser even commented on how great her hair felt when she was in with them recently.

The family luck continued on Stylesiren, where my sister won a Yes To Carrots Shower Essentials Kit.  As I said, we live together, so what's hers is mine so we cant wait to use it hehe It contains a daily pampering shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and the containers are huge!  500mls for each of them so I know what's gonna be taking up lotsa space in the shower :)

So those were our winnings :)  Thanks to and for the fantastic gifts :) 

I'll be holding a blog giveaway as soon as I hit 75 followers, I'm at 73 now, so only 2 more to go :)  I *may* have a Gosh Rainbow nail varnish included in the prizes, so get a-followin and I'll post the giveaway :)


  1. Wow how lucky are you gorgeous prizes too xx

  2. Wow lucky girl, that OPI set looks LOVELY! X x

  3. Thanks girls, we really were so lucky to win the prizes, I can't wait to use and review them :)

  4. Well done!! That set is AMAZING! :)

  5. amazing! congratulations on your winnings! :)

  6. Those varnishes look amazing. Although the brown isnt the most pretty, it would look so good when your doing designs on your nail, for little detais. Have fun with them, they look so good! xx

  7. congrats :)
    I really want to ty the yes to carrots stuff!! x

  8. Lucky! So many pretty polishes.

  9. You lucky ducky! Those polishes look gorgeous! x


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