Friday, February 4, 2011

The Balm is coming to Awear

Ladies, first they brought us Gosh cosmetics, now they're bringing us The Balm.  Awear is making me a happy bunny :) 

Here are some of the products from The Balm's collection:
Above is the Shady Lady eyeshadow palette.  I've seen some of the Youtubers using this one and was *this* close to buying it last year in my local pharmacy.

Above is Hot Mama which is described as a shadow/blush.  Love the look of this.

Next is one of the eyeshadows in the colour Shady Stacey, love, looks like Stila's Pewter on first look.

Above is the Plump your pucker tinted gloss in Lemonade.

Above is Plump your pucker gloss in Spike.


Finally we have the product that has tickled my pickle the most.  It's a double ended mascara called Two-Timer.  I love the look of this and will be picking it up this month to have a go.  I'm on the hunt for the Holy Grail mascara and feel that I need to try this (for blogging review purposes of course!) :)

The prices are as follows

  • Plump your Pucker Lip Plumper     €11.00
  • Mini Kabuki Brush       €8.50
  • shadyLady Shadow/liner     €11.50
  • Staniac lip/cheek stain     €11.50
  • Pick-Up liner 3 Mini Eye Pencils with sharpener     €
  • Concealer brushes     €6.25
  • Shadow Brushes     €6.25
  • Read My Lips Lipsticks     €12.50
  • Mineral Overshadows     €12.00
  • Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover     €15.00
  • Two-Timer Mascara     €14.25
  • timeBalm concealer with Anti aging     €13.75
  • BalmShelter Tinted Moisturiser SPF 18     €19.00
  • BalmShelter Tinted Gloss SPF 17     €13.75
  • Mary Lou Highlighter     €17.00
  • Big Kabuki brush     €17.50
  • TimeBalm Foundation     €21.50
  • Dowboy Blush     €15.00
  • ShadyLady Eyeshadow Palette     €30.00
  • Liquid TimeBalmconcealer     €15.00
  • Batters Up Creaseless cream eyeshadow     €13.75
 Has anyone tried The Balm products?  And if so, what would you recommend I try?



  1. The first palette is interesting ;)

  2. TK Maxx have some of the Hot Mama blush in stock at the moment for about €8 - I got one before Christmas and really like it. They had a few in Stepens Green last week so worth a goo.

    I also have an eyeshadow and a piment I picked up for about €2 each on sale - the eyeshadow pans are massive and are really good.

    The prices you posted seem ok - I thought that the range was more expensive when they stocked it in the Arnotts project and its quite dear in the US too.

  3. I really like theBalm - they have been stocking the products downstairs in A-wear on Grafton Street for a while now. Before Christmas I got a couple of their lipsticks in Classified and Wanted - a sheer nude and a sheer red - both v moisturising and lovely. I also got the concealer and got my sister a rake of products for Christmas!

  4. Deffo need to get myself to TK Maxx and have a looksee, they're great for cheap bits of makeup. And Emma, the Classified lipstick sounds right up my street :)


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