Thursday, February 24, 2011

Battle of the brown eyeliners

You know I look a good comparison post, so I decided to find my cheapest and most expensive brown eyeliners and see what I came up with.  I'll be comparing my Catrice Stay on eyeliner with my Urban Decay liner in Whiskey that was part of the Naked palette.  The two liners are different shades but I thought I'd make do with what I have and also find out if there are any good brown pencil liners out there that you'd recommend?

On the left is the Catrice liner and on the right is Urban Decay.  I look like I've no eyelashes so mascara was called upon to help remedy this!  Catrice's liner looks almost black whereas Urban Decay's liner is more subtle and personally would be more wearable for work. 

 Rimmel's Lash Accelerator has been my mascara of choice this week, so on it went.  Love this stuff.

Above is Catrice's liner.  It's darker than the Urban Decay one and harder in formulation.  I found it dragged along the eyelid a bit when applying it, but it means you can apply a nice thin line.

Urban Decay's Whisker liner is softer and creamier than the Catrice one.  It glides along the upper lash line but because it's softer, it makes it harder to get a nice precise flick at the end. 

 I decided to tightline each eye and apply the liners to the waterline too.  I don't like the Urban Decay one on the waterline.  It has a red undertone to it and makes it look like I've been crying!  Catrice's liner is lovely on the waterline, it's really dark and does stay put.

So basically I'm torn.  I prefer Urban Decay's Whiskey liner on the upper lash line but prefer Catrice's eyeliner on the waterline.  Can anyone recommend one brown pencil liner for me to try?  One that won't break the bank please :)


  1. ok, and how do you aply it?

  2. I have the UD one as well! Had a spin applying it to the water line the other night and it looks brutal......too red toned XD I still heart it though as it is v pigmented and so creamy. I'd recommend getting the ud sharpener for it though, as it is so soft and creamy!
    I too would love to see what other reccommend as i'm in the market for a brown liner myself.Loving the blog btw....check it on a daily basis! :D

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who think's it's too red toned hehe Glad you like the blog, thanks for reading all my rubbish heeh

  4. Agree with your thoughts on this. I'm loving Shiseido brown liner at the mo. Not sure how much it was except I remember I got it in a half price basket.


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