Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to tightline!

Yesterday I was reading this post on the fandabbydozy about which eyeliner is good for the waterline and it inspired me to attempt to show you how I tightline.  I say "attempt" because it's bloody hard trying to take a photo of your eyeball up close with a brush in one hand, the camera in the other, and trying not to poke oneself in one's eyeball :)

First up is the method I use the most often.  I use an angled brush, in this case, a Ruby and Millie angled brush that I got with one of my Boots vouchers a while back.  My go to eyeliner is MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack.  I've had it for ages and it's starting to dry out, so I must get another one soon.

I use the side of the brush when applying the liner to the tightline and waterline.  It gives a nice clean finish and is much easier than using the tip of the brush.

First of all, I work the product into the base of the lashes, using little wiggling motions.  When you're doing the inner part of your upper lashline, try to look in the opposite direction of the brush.  That way you won't be tempted to blink and poke yourself in the eye :)  I end up using the longest part of the angled brush to get to the inner half of my upper lashline.

Above you can see a nicely lined upper lash line and one without.

You can see the difference tightlined makes above.  It makes the base of your eyelashes look really thick and dark!  And this is without any mascara.

Above is the lower lash line lined with the Blacktrack Fluidline.

You might find it easier to use a flat brush like the one above.  It's a Nars Number 2 brush and it's perfect for lining the upper lash line.  Once again, I apply the product to the side of the brush, lay the brush on my upper lash line, and sweep outwards towards the lashes.

Above is my trusty Stila Kajal eyeliner pencil in Onyx.  This is a creamy liner that stays for ages on the lash lines.  The only thing about it being so creamy is you have to sharpen it quite often.  I was lazy tonight and didn't bother :)  When using this method, I usually open my eye really wide and start from the outside working my way in.  If it helps, use a brush and press lightly onto your eyelid.  This will make your upper lashline easier to get to. 

Another way to make this method easier is to use your finger to keep your eyelashes out of the way. 


Above on the left is Stila's Kajal in Onyx on the upper lash line.

See above how having a blunt eye pencil makes it messy!

This is what I was playing around with tonight :)  I wanted to show how having your eyes completely lined doesn't automatically mean you'll look like a racoon :) 

Ps I have blinded myself trying to take these photos hehe Note to self, must invest in a tripod or helper to take photos where 2 hands are needed



  1. I simply do this with a pencil eyeliner (=

  2. Thanks for the how to.... looks great might it over the weekend.

  3. oops sorry, should read might TRY it over the weekend.

  4. LOL Yes.. I was wondering how you took that pic where you used your fingers to hold your lashes back xD I personally do not tightline or line my waterline. It kind gets into my eye and irritates my contacts >_<

  5. this is a great post - so helpful :)
    & you've done a great job taking the photos yourself!! x

  6. aww great post darling! makeup looks unreal <3

  7. It never crossed my mind to line my upper waterline... have to try this!

  8. What eyeshadow is that in the last picture? thanks


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