Friday, March 11, 2011

A dupe for Chanel's Graphite nail polish?

Hey ladies!

This week has been lacking in the posting department but I'm back :)  Today I was reading this post on about Chanel's metallic nail varnish in Graphite, a trend that's going to be big this year.  Anyway, as soon as I saw the photo, being the freak that I am and knowing what's in my stash, I immediately thought of this nail polish that I got late last year.

This is an Essence nail polish from their Metallics collection and was €2.29.  It's one of 4 shades and this is the shade 04 Nothing Else Metals.  It came with this weird magnet that if you held it over the polish right after applying, it would make a design appear on your nails.  I tried it with the magnet and it was rubbish, but I love the polish by itself.

The photos of Chanel's Graphite online so far don't show the finish closely enough for me to say if this is a true dupe or not.  As more photos become available in the future, I'll be able to compare properly.  Personally, I don't think I will be buying the Chanel version, it's too much money for one nail polish.  I love playing around with colours too much and would love to buy 4 or 5 cheaper polishes for the price of the Chanel one :)

Are there any other good dupes for this Chanel polish that you know of yet?


  1. I thought of this polish when i seen that post on Beaut earlier as well!!! Great minds...!!! I'm going crazy looking for a dupe for Chanel's Black Pearl...think i'm gonna have to bite the bullet and fork out €21 for it coz i can't get it out of my head!!! sad or wha??!!!

  2. :) Ha-ha! Good one! Chanel, eat your heart out! Must buy this one!!!Well done Mrs.! Vive L'Essence!

  3. Love this! I prefer it to the chanel one faux pas?! XD I love the "foil-like" finsh :D

  4. It's a gorgeous colour, love it.

  5. I also remembered that Essence polish when I saw the Chanel one. I don't think it's a complete dupe, but close. :)

  6. Without actually swatching Chanel Graphite, you can't say something is a dupe.

  7. Anonymous - I know, thats why I have a question mark at the end of the title and towards the end of the post I said "The photos of Chanel's Graphite online so far don't show the finish closely enough for me to say if this is a true dupe or not." It was just a suggestion for people to take a look at, that's all :)

  8. Does anyone know how much this polish should cost? I see it on ebay for $.99; I just want to make sure its the new Chanel Quartz polish

  9. I'm actually about to do a blog on this in a few days but a FANTASTIC alternative to the expensive metallic varnishes are the myface lil' bling collection. I have 3 of the colours and they are BEAUTIFUL! Glide on really well, dry instantly and one coat is enough to give complete coverage!

    Enjoying your blog and will be back for more!


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