Friday, March 4, 2011

A lovely girlie night out!

Tonight my sister Joanne and I had the opportunity to go see The Adjustment Bureau after Joanne won tickets from  This was no ordinary screening.  No ladies, we went to a private screening of it in the Denzille Cinema which holds only 30 people!  We had a fantastic time and met some lovely ladies and it was great to put some names to faces finally!  We didn't get to meet everyone but we did get to chat to Anne-Marie, Rachel, Cindy and Sinead and Deirdre from Viva Adonis.  Kirstie was there with her paparazzi-sized camera and gave us some fantastic goody bags, so thanks again for that :)

We had wine while we chatted and were ushered into the warm and cozy cinema where we watched Matt Damon in all his glory and Emily Blunt looking fabulous.  I really enjoyed the film and would recommend it if you wanted to watch something easy and not too taxing on the noggin.

A great girlie night had by all :)



  1. delighted you enjoyed it missis!

  2. Well, good for you!!!Every girl deserves a great girlie night out!

  3. was lovely to meet you and sis :)


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