Sunday, March 27, 2011

My very first Bourjois blush :)

So today I decided to embrace all things sunny and Spring and what better way than to get a new blusher!  (Any excuse hehe)  I've had my eye on the Bourjois blushes for a while now and finally settled on this beauty.  It's in the shade 33 Lilas D'or and it is gorgeous.  It cost €9.99 but Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois products, so expect a review on the 2 other items I got later this week.

I love the packaging.  Anything with a built in mirror makes me happy, the little brush that comes with it, not so much, but that's ok.  The blush itself is a gorgeous peachy/rosy pink colour with fine gold shimmer running through it.  It has a perfume scent to it that I love, it's kind of like baby powder.

As soon as I saw this blush, it made me think of Nars Orgasm, so when I came home, I had to do a comparison swatch for the craic..

Side by side they look really similar, both with and without the flash.

The swatches on my fingers show the Bourjois blush to be slightly pinker in colour and also, the gold shimmer is more obvious.

Nars Orgasm (L)  Bourjois Lilas D'or (R)
Not much of a difference here.

Here we can see the swatches compared in sunlight, yes sunlight!  The hour change is hopefully going to make it easier for me to do swatches, so swatch this space!  Nars is slightly pinker and the shimmer is more like a sheen it's so fine.  Lilas D'or looks slightly duskier pink here.

Finally we have a full face photo hehe I love this blush and can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow.  It gives a gorgeous wash of colour all over the cheeks and gives just the right amount of shimmer without looking like a big disco ball!

Has anyone tried these blushes?  I'm on the hunt for a peachy blush at the moment.  I have Benefit's Coralista that is my go-to summer blush, but I want to see if there are any cheaper versions of it out there, you know I love an aul bargain :)

Now, good luck sleeping tonight everyone with the bloody hour change, it'll feel like we're going to bed so early!


  1. I love that Bourjois blusher, it's one of my favs. Haven't got one at the mo, so might just have to pick it up soon.

  2. I was actully checking these in Boots last week, I thought they'll be more glittery than shimmery...But that looks gorgeous! might have to revisit! :)


  3. looks lovely, that colour really suits you :)
    i always seem to find myself looking at the bourjois blushers in boots.. they have so many shades, i might just get one next time i'm shopping :)

  4. Wow I love the look of that!

    Sarah xx

  5. Very pretty. Another one for the wishlist!

  6. I have it I have it I have it. And you're right, it's lovely!!! I love it on. My only complaint is (and maybe my pot is faulty) that my product actually came away from the pot...and... I find it takes a good bit of effort to get it onto the brush....
    Besides all these moans, I still love it haha.

  7. I love bourjois blushers, that one looks lovely!

  8. I have the bourjois one,love it,is great size for the handbag.hehe


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