Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nail of the Day

This is technically my sister's nail of the day since I am on operation-don't-paint-my-nails-cos-they-keep-peeling-and-flaking!  I've been wanting to show you these nail varnishes properly since I got them in Sally's Beauty Supply on Drury Street earlier this month.  They're from China Glaze and are part of the Anchors Away collection.

Here's the post showing the bottles and prices etc.  So onto the nails themselves.  *Disclaimer* My sister would like you all to know that her fingers are not this wrinkley and old looking in real life, she claims the macro setting on my cheapy digital camera adds years to her usually young looking fingers hehe

First of all we have 2 coats of Sea Spray.  It's a gorgeous light blue/grey polish with a fine gold/silver shimmer in it.  What a bad description that was!  I'll let the photos explain for themselves.

 Now, Sea Spray is gorgeous in the bottle, but the shimmer doesn't show too well once it's on the nail itself.  I wore it last week to work and I must say, it had a touch of the Blu-tacs about it.  Have a look and see...

So I applied two coats of White Cap over the Sea Spray and fell in love...

Trying to catch the glitter in bad lighting is hard, but roll on the clock change this week and we'll be sorted for daylight and proper swatches!

We decided that this is such a pretty, princessy nail and at one point we fell around the place laughing while I was trying to get my sister to move her hands this way, turn them that way, close your fingers, no not that much... It felt like we were doing glamour shots heheeh

Love this nail and I can't wait for my nails to fix themselves so I can start wearing nail varnish again.


  1. I understand how you think it looks a little blu-tacky but that shimmer is beautiful :o)
    I must get my hands on some China Glaze :o) xxxx

  2. Well, you can let your sister know that she has gorgeous hands! Sounds like you had a lot of fun during the photoshoot! :)

  3. Gorgeous colour esp with White Cap over it. Am having terrible trouble with my nails lately too so haven't been able to play around with polish in a while.

  4. It's such a fab colour. I did the same with White Cap, it totally transforms the colour. Love!!

  5. I like :) and I recognize those fingers :)

  6. On it's own it's very like Rimmel, Grey Matter which I <3, xx

  7. "A touch of the blue tacs" - hehe! I see what u mean but the end result is gorge!


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