Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VOYA Organic Muslin Facial Cloths

Supercharge your cleansing routine with VOYA’s new cleanse-enhancing, Organic Muslin Facial Cloths.   Kinder to your skin that cotton wool and more  effective than facial wipes, these muslin cloths are made from 100% organic cotton and provide a gentle but highly effective way to enhance your daily cleansing regime.  Their gentle exfoliating action sloughs away dead skin cells removing even the deepest grime while also stimulating your skin’s circulation and leave skin polished and pampered.  Use cloths with VOYA’s Totally Balmy or any of the VOYA cleansers.  
Directions for UseRinse the muslin cloth in hot water.  Gently wring it out and begin cleansing using a circular motion to wipe away all traces of cleanser and dirt from your face and neck area.  Rinse the cloth thoroughly after each use and this lightweight cotton will air dry naturally and quickly between each use.  After a couple of washes, pop cloth into a white wash to keep fresh and clean. 

VOYA Organic Muslin Facial Cloths €12 for a pack of 3 cloths


  1. Hi darling!

    I took the liberty of emailing you something to your gmail account...hope you don't mind! Could you check it out? Thanks XO

  2. Would deffinately check this out, i have heard so many good things in incoperating muslin cloth in skincare

  3. Hi Karen. love your blog to bits SERIOUSLY, check it every day at least once or twice (oh the shame of my blog addiction coming out! Blush.....). I love your reviews and value your opinions deeply. However, I'm sorta disappointed, this post reads like an advertisement :(

  4. @Snowdrop - ah that's fair enough :) It was a press release I got yesterday and just thought I'd let ye know about it, I didn't get any spons or anything free from posting it, just thought ye might be interested :) No hard feelings!

  5. Ah no worries, I just hoped you weren't becoming one of those sites, you know like some of the youtube "gurus". thanks for clearing that up, shur I love the site more beacuse of that honest reply. I'll still remain a loyal follower/worshipper xx

  6. I can't get along with muslin cloths at all, find them too scratchy. I'll be sticking to a nice soft facecloth? Anyone else?


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