Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catrice Eyeshadow Base review

Last month (pre April spending ban ! I haven't cheated and am actually surprised I haven't cheated to be honest hehe) I was in one of my local pharmacies drooling over the new Catrice stand.  I bought a few things that still have to be reviewed, but one of the products I was most excited about was the Eye Shadow Base.  At €4.49 for the 2.1ml tube, you couldn't go wrong.

First of all, I love the packaging.  It is cute and it is compact.  This makes me happy since I like to carry a lot of stuff in my bag.

It comes with a doe foot applicator and a regular straight tube.  Those who have used Urban Decay Primer Potion in the past will agree with me that the old packaging with the wiggley tube sucks, but fear not, it now comes in a squeezy tube!  This also makes me happy and is on my Must Buy List.

Below is a swatch of the base.  On the left is directly from the tub and on the right it is blended in.  It gives an absolutely gorgeous subtle pearl finish with a hint of sparkle.  I would actually wear it on it's own I think it's that nice.  It is a thick cream, but blends away easily into a dry, powder finish.

See?  Below is both swatches blended.

Now, onto the results of my test today.  This morning at 6 am I applied my Catrice Eye Shadow Base to one eye and my Urban Decay Primer Potion to the other eye.  I then applied the same eyeshadows from the UD Naked Palette to my eyes and went on my merry way to work.  My mission was to not touch my eyes until I got home this evening.  Usually if I see my eyeshadow creasing during the day, I give a quick blend with my finger and carry on.  Today it took everything I had not to do this hehe  See Exhibit A:

On the left is Catrice's Eye Shadow Base and on the right is the Urban Decay Primer Potion.  As you can see, there is hardly any eyeshadow left on the Catrice eye and what eyeshadow there is left, is sitting comfortably in my crease.  On the right there is a tiny bit of creasing but you can actually see the eyeshadow all over my eyelid.

Now, I have oily eyelids and eyeshadow does crease on me without a primer.  I wonder if Catrice's base would work on someone with drier skin?  I really want to love this stuff, so if you've tried this and it's worked for you, please let me know.  I'm not ready to cast it aside to the Pile of Doom!


  1. Oh, and here I was hoping the right side had Catrice on! Dammit...I only found one good thing as good as UDPP, and that's a face primer gone wrong from No7, but as it turns out, it's perfect for eyes!

    I am inspired now, and will do the experiment you did! Because this will be great- as it comes in 40ml tube! Will let you know! xo

  2. Deffo do the experiment! I'm always on the lookout for things to get with the No7 vouchers :) I was so aware of my eyes today and was afraid someone would think I looked weird with one creased eye and one grand eye hehe Looking forward to seeing how you get on :)

  3. Will do that tomorrow! Exciting! I never thought of doing this, hope will do a great job, we could use a larger hence cheaper version of the UDPP! :)

  4. I have dry skin so might actually give this a go and like you try it on one eye with my UDPP on the other. I'll let you know how I gat on.

    ArtDonatella-I'm intrigued by this No7 face primer being used on the eyes so will be looking forward to the results of your experiment.

  5. Good experiment, you're so dedicated! I never use primer. Sometimes for extra-long wear I use my Lancome concealer under shadow, but it never moves much anyway. Wonder is that cos of non-oily lids or the quality of shadow?

  6. Aw thats disappointing, the packaging look so something from Mac. . . I'm really loving catrice's stands and packaging these sophisticated! :)

  7. @Mariga - I used to try concealer under the shadow and it still creased, very annoying, my office is always really warm too so that doesnt help things heh

    @Snowdrop - Their packaging really is lovely for the price, I cant wait to try their gel liners!


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