Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm aliiiiiive!

Lads, I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging properly this past week or so, am trying to get stuff organised in my life and in my house :)  As some of you know, my sister and I spent the week organising the house and doing a big clear out for a car boot sale we went to yesterday.  It was great craic altogether, I met some familiar faces from the past and missed meeting Claire by about 5 minutes!  Luckily, my sister was able to recognize Claire's handbag and purse from her haul post hehehe

We had a great time, made a few bob, got some fresh air and sun and got rid of some stuff that's been hanging around the house for yonks and never been used.  We might head back next weekend and see how we get on with the rest of the stuff and might actually go through our bits again and be even more ruthless with what we do/don't want :)

I have lost my blogging mojo over the last week or so, I think the fact that my bedroom is like a bombsite doesn't help matters.  I have been exhausted and have had no motivation to organise my makeup.  I sold my old plastic storage that I kept all my makeup in yesterday so right now, it's all over the place.  I'm hoping to sort that out over the next day or two and get back on track.

Right, am off to visit the mothership now, we were supposed to have a belated Mother's Day lunch today but will have to reschedule, so I think a spot of sitting out in the sun will do us :)  Have a great Sunday everyone and I hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods.

Oh, I am 10 days into my Spending Ban and doing great! I haven't bought a single thing and am feeling very smug right now hehe Let's see how I manage for the rest of the month :)

I'll leave you with my little doodlebug Bailey, he's too cute and loves posing for photos.  He also knows how to smile with his eyes hehe



  1. Happy your day was fruitful yesterday! Bailey is the cutest thing! :)

  2. Ahhhhh, that dog is TOO CUTE !XD Im so glad your spending ban is going well Karen. I'm on one myself as I'm saving for America for the summer. Unfortunately there are so so many dresses in the shops that I want atm, hopefully I won't crack!

  3. Bailey says thanks for all the lovely comments ladies hehe He went for a big long walk today and is currently comatosed on the bed beside me, snoring like an old man :)


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