Monday, April 25, 2011

My blonde ambition :)

I have been toying with the idea of becoming a blonde for a while now.  Last year I stopped dyeing my hair dark and decided to give the cheveux a break :)  Until I went to Spain that is.  Lemons were purchased and squeezed into a spray bottle and squirted on my mane as I lay in the sun :)  It didn't make a huge difference, just a few highlights that I was pretty happy with.

Cut to Friday where I saw this post on Laura's blog and decided that this was it.  I was going to become blonde, once and for all.  I bought this to lighten my hair.

And this is what you get in the box:

I followed the instructions and using my weeny mirror in the bathroom, went from this:

To this!  I was chatting to my twitter folks trying to explain to them that it was very patchy and proper yellow.

The photo below shows how I didn't leave it on my roots for long enough, so ended up with Patrick Swayze hair from the critically acclaimed film Point Break ;P

The photo below shows how I missed so much hair!  I've lots of hair and so needed a second pair of eyes and hands to help me.  Lesson learned for next time.

So I hmmed and hawed and sought the advice from the Twitter girls and we decided I needed an Ash Blonde dye to counteract and tone down the canary yellow hair.  Off I trundled this morning to Boots, which was closed, so legged it to Tesco where I picked this baby up for €7.  I've tried Loreal dyes in the past and every time I used them, my hair turned out so bloody dark, so no Loreal for me.  I got this Clairol Perfect 10 in the shade Light Ash Blonde and got to work.

After following the instructions and drying my hair, I ended up with normal looking hair :)

 I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I'm still kinda self conscious about it being so bright compared to before, but hey, I did it myself and saved a few bob in the process :)  I have a John Frieda Go blonder spray that I might use in the near future to give myself a few more highlights.  I'm saving up to go to my beloved Brown Sugar to get the hair chopped before my holiday in July so that will be my next hair experience.

Has anyone tried dyeing their own hair drastically like this before?  If so, share with the class and let us know how you got on :)


  1. Yay was hoping you'd do this post! When you say you missed bits, how do you mean? Did you use the cap?

  2. It turned out fab in the end, I love it.

  3. Love it, love it! Can't wait to see you on Wed! Oh, this is really killin me now, I. want. this.too!


  4. @FitznBitz - I used the all over brightener, Lora on twitter used the highlighting version, so check the box before you buy it, I nearly had the wrong one :) So I just used a bigger version of the weeny brush that came with the lightener, I ended up missing patches cos I couldn't see what I was doing or feel the product as I was applying it to my hair. It was a dry consistency, not like the Ash Blonde one, that I just applied all over with my hands. Good luck mrs, cant wait to see how yours turns out!

    @Cornflakegirl - thanks mrs, and thanks for talking me through it all yesterday hehe

    @ArtDonatella - Blonde would really suit you, I mean, I really thought that was your hair in your profile pic! Looking forward to catching up on Wednesday :)

  5. Its fab...well done! I have a box of cheryl cole red/brown, gonna put it in this week for a few days and then have the colour b4 to whip it out!! really love your blonde, its putting me in the mood for a few blonde highlights for the summer!!!

  6. Wow, that looks great! Been thinking about going blonde for ages but have been way too scared to do it myself...feeling a bit braver after seeing how well yours has turned out though!! xoxo

  7. Your so adventureous (sp?) Hope you get used to it!

  8. You're one brave lady Karen but it paid off cos it looks lovely. I think I'm going to do a bit of a home dye job on my own hair this month as the pennies are looking very very tight and the hair is looking very very bad!

  9. Lorraine HolmwoodApril 26, 2011 at 1:33 PM

    Oh Karen, what a nightmare! its seems such a good idea at the start doesnt it? Thank gwad for you it worked out in the end! Looks really natural on you. I went from bright blonde to dark blonde just last week using same brand! (Loreal) Now my hair colour is in bits cause the really blonde hair look frickin grey now! Used two boxes of colour cause ive thick hair but think i may have to go a wee bit darker to cover the silver blonde ends. Have to say loved the dye, so easy to use and doesnt dry out hair either. Sorry i did it now but had to try and save some money. Love the site, keep up the good advice. xx

  10. that's turn out beautiful! I tried to go blonde before but failed miserably...haha..

  11. Oh that's a lovely blonde. Must have been scary when it didn't turn out right the first time.
    I've contemplated going blonde before but all my family/friends have told me it would be awful on me. At Halloween I did have a blonde wig though and loved it.
    I've only dyed my hair once when I was still in school. I bought a red sachet of "hint of a tint", it didn't take to my hair at all but I was left with a bright red scalp for a week....mortified

  12. @Mandy - i love the sound of the cheryl cole colour,her hair is fab :)

    @beauty,life and things i like - I live on the wild side hehehee

    @fluff and fripperies - thanks mrs,hope your dye job works out well too, its great doing something like this for a change!

    @Lorraine - yeah see this is why I shouldnt do things like this when joanne is away hehe wonder if there's a semi permanent colour that would tone down the whitey blonde hairs? till you found sommat better? hope u and lottie are doing well,she's a doteen!

    @Shareena - what i failed to mention in my post was that about 7 years ago, I actually killed my hair from dyeing it blonde from really dark hehe I had to grow it out, it was awful, must post about that soon :)

    @shoezanne - yeah i had the absolute regret after i saw the state of the cheveux after the first lot of dye! Ah I remember hint of a tint too hehe they didnt work on me either :)


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