Sunday, April 17, 2011

My new makeup storage

Well, I finally got my arse into gear and organised the living daylights out of my makeup stash.  I saw this unit earlier in the year in Ikea and knew it was going to be perfect for me.  I bit the bullet and bought it a couple of weeks ago.  It was bloody heavy and I managed to mess up my wrist lifting it in and out of the car, but it was worth it!  It took us just over 2 hours to assemble, but that was watching Katie Price as we worked, so we were suitably distracted hehe

So this is it!  The top opens up to reveal a mirror and a shallow drawer, then there's 2 shallow drawers that slide out and 3 deep drawers.

Below we have the mirror opened and all of my makeup brushes laid out.  I had them all over the place before and I never realised how many brushes I had until they were all laying out beside each other! 

I've a mixture of Mac, Ecotools, Bare Escentuals and random ones I've picked up along the way.  In the top right I have random hair ties that crop up everywhere, some fridge magnets I got in NY last year, some of my dad's business cards, tweezers and pencil sharpeners.

Next up is my "good makeup" drawer!  I had no idea I had so many Mac eyeshadows!  Along with the Mac shadows, I have Mac pigments, some Chanel quads, Chanel eyeshadow duos, Nars single and duo eyeshadows, some Makeup Forever stuff and Stila eyeshadows.  I will say that it has been a while since I bought some "good makeup" hehe  I got these acrylic organisers from Ikea and used two for this drawer.

The third drawer from the acrylic set was used in the second shallow drawer.  Here I have my MUA eyeshadows, some Essence, Gosh, Primark and Sephora eyeshadows.  I want to get another set of the acrylic drawers and use one of them for the primers and bits that are loose here.

Next up is the first of the deep drawers.  I found a plastic organiser in the warehouse part of Ikea and got 2.  I can't find them on the website but they were €1.50 each and I could fit one on top of another if I was really stuck for space.  Anyway, in the top of the photo, I have eyeliners, mostly pencil but a couple of liquid ones too.  Below that is mascaras on the left and lipsticks on the right.  Then underneath that is lip glosses on the left and gel liners & Stila smudge pots on the right.  Along the side of the drawer is random lip balms/lip glosses I've collected along the way.

In this next drawer, we have stuff for the face.  Top left has drugstore blushes, to the right of that is concealers.  In the section below that on the left is some Benefit, Mac, Nars & Stila blushes & bronzers.  To the right of that is foundations.  In the long section at the bottom is various face powders, blushes and bronzers.  Along the side is more powders and foundations.

Next is my drawer with all the palettes I own.  I found these little fabric boxes in the bargain section of Ikea for 30 cent each so I had to snap them up!  The long palette on the left has some Stila, Urban Decay and NYX palettes.  The top right box has some Benefit and Mac ones and the bottom box has all my Sleek, Beauty UK and random palettes I got that have no name!

I have one more drawer in the unit but it's empty right now.  I might put my perfumes in it and see if I like it there.  If you guys want to see a more detailed makeup collection, just leave a comment below and I'll get to it.

I'm over the moon at having things organised finally.  I was tweeting about it earlier on and it was actually mental that when I laid my brushes out, I knew my Mac 226 was missing.  I also realised one of my Bourjois foundations was missing too heeh I found the brush but am still on the hunt for the foundation.  While organising, I kept coming across bits that I forgot I had, so at one point, I had a Shiseido foundation on one cheek, a Rimmel one on the other, a Stila bronzer to contour one cheek, a Sephora bronzer to contour the other one, one eye with bronze makeup from an Urban Decay palette and the other eye with thick eyeliner hehe I looked demented and was thankful nobody rang the doorbell :)


  1. That unit is fab...I'm in the process of sorting out my bedroom and trying to get a bit of organisation on things, that unit would be perfect...will have to get saving!! Great post as always...

  2. OMG, I love that unit. I'd love to have my make up that organised. Mine is currently in various boxes stacked on my dressing table but it's not organised enough for me, hehe.

    You have some amazing make up there. Oh can I ask how you find the Sleek Palettes? I'm thinking of getting some.

  3. That unit is uh-mazing! Must feel great to have it all organised :)

  4. Thanks Mandy! I'd deffo recommend the unit,and keep an eye out in the bargain corner in Ikea, the night I got my one, we had been down in the bargain corner and saw one for €61 euro but another girl was already buying it, doh!

    Cornflakegirl - the Sleek palettes are ok, I havent used them much really, maybe cos they were in a drawer and I kept forgetting I had them, I got the primer palette and it's not great, I must to a swatch post on them all, I have 6 of them but I think a couple are limited edition. I really wanna try the Sleek contour set and rose gold blush, but keep forgetting every time I'm up north heeh

  5. SileC - it does hehe I keep opening and closing it and thinking how nice it finally is to actually see all my bits :) I still might head to home stores and more come payday and get that acrylic storage u were talkin about a while back

  6. oh WOW! I'm speechless....and so jealous, well wear Karen, your makeup collection is enviable to say the least! :D

  7. WHOA! I'm absolutely jealous of your whole collection. Glad that you got it organized--it looks huge! Haha

  8. wow amazing collection!

    I'm thinking of all the fab new lippies you could get if you depotted those mac eyeshadows and did a B2M!!!

  9. Love the unit, love the stash, hell I love everything! :)

  10. Thanks for the feedback on Sleek, I too am dying to try the Rose Gold blush.

    Oh you should defo depot your Mac shadows and redeem your free lippies.

  11. Oh my word, look how lovely and organised everything is. My make up is currently stored in oddly sized boxes, one of which is a pink tool box lol. That unit is brilliant, I must keep an eye out for it next time I'm in Dublin. It would be great for organising Jewellery too. Loving your make up stash btw, seriously jealous.

  12. What a collection - I cant believe all the makeup you have! Its some collection.

    How big is this storage? Its lovely - I would love it

  13. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies :)

    I'd say the unit is about 4 ft tall and about a foot and a half to 2 feet wide, it's one of my better ideas to have splashed out and gotten it :)

  14. funny enough I was looking at this set of drawers from Ikea, and the only place in my room is a quite a tight space. I already have the fabric dividers (knickers/socks/bras! lol!)
    and I have a few left over (some for palettes and hair products)

    but i think i might go ahead and guy it (not in black, wouldn't go with my room) but will get it to use as storage for extra clothes :O

    (my mum will not be impressed!)

  15. Hey I was just wondering do you know where you can purchase covergirl in Ireland?


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