Monday, May 9, 2011

1 Palette - 2 looks

I am always playing around with makeup and over the weekend it was no different.  But this time, I was hoping that nobody would ring the doorbell!  My sister was even going to pay me €50 to go to the shops looking like I did hehe  But I declined, and wandered around the house deciding which eye I liked better :)  I did these looks a couple of months ago, but never photographed the steps, so here ya go...

I got this Rimmel palette at a meetup back in February and had forgotten about it until The Great Makeup Organisation of 2011 where I rediscovered lotsa forgotten makeup!  Anyway, it's €7.95 in the shops but keep an eye out for the 3 for 2 deals that are always going on in Boots.  It's the Twilight Zone palette with a shimmery grey/silver, a shimmery white and a matte black shadow.

I thought €7.95 was a bit dear for a Rimmel palette if I'm honest, so I decided to use Girl Maths and make it more bargainous... I'm going to show you how I created 2 completely different looks with this little 3 colour palette and a couple of extra products.  So read on if you're interested!

I started off by applying a base to each eye.  These eyeshadows are very powdery and not very pigmented unless applied over a base.  On the left is NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese and on the right is NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean.  But you can use any corresponding eye cream or eyeliner as a base, just use what you have.

 On the left, I packed on the shimmery silver eyeshadow all over the lid and underneath the lash line.  On the right I did the same with the black shadow, trying to create the shape I wanted for a smokey eye.

On the left, I applied the black eyeshadow to the outer V of the eye and along the crease, blending well as I went.  On the right I blended the edges of the black, softening the look.

I applied the shimmery white shadow to the inner corners of both eyes and along the inner lash line on the left.  On the right I applied the silver halfway along the lower lash line and also in the crease to blend the edges of the black some more.

This is what you should have at this stage.  It's important to blend away and harsh edges.  I used my Mac 217 brushes to do the blending work.

Next up came the eyeliner, you know how I love me some eyeliner!  I used the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama eyeliner on the waterline and upper lash line.  Then to make it even more dramatic, I used it to tightline my eyes.  I created a little flick on the upper lash line of each eye and I know I go on about the brush that comes with the Maybelline eyeliner, but I can't say enough about it again.  It makes doing flicks so easy.  End of.

Look how pigmented the liner is on the waterline.  Love this stuff, you need it in your life.  Now, what is this look missing?  Copious amounts of mascara, thats what! 

Our mascara du jour is the Bourjois Volumizer Mascara which is perfect for strong looks like these.  You need lots and lots of lashes and the thicker and more voluminous, the better!  I think these are both great looks for going out at night, I don't think I'll be rocking them to work anytime soon :)  Do you now see why I didn't want the doorbell to ring or run over to the shops quickly!  Ah playing with makeup makes me happy :)


  1. Fabulosso!!! I love them looks, especially the lighter version, must try this too, I never played with white/silver/black eyeshadows before, have them, but don't use them :)...

    P.S. - Lovely eyebrows you got there missis!!!

  2. I'm always like this on my days off too. I love the lighter look, think it really makes your eye pop.

  3. Grgeous looks, I prefer the lighter look but both would be amazing for nights out :) xx

  4. Love both looks, they look great on you. Hehe, can see why you didn't take your sister up on her offer.

  5. Love this post, both looks are great on you. Any chance you could do something similiar with the UD Naked Palette?

  6. Love the dark one, I always find it hard to do a black/grey look without either making it too dramatic or not noticeable enough. Will try follow your steps

  7. Oh great post, I've seen these in the shops and wondered if they were any good.
    I love the results, it looks great. The left is great for a night out. I'll have to add it to my ever-growing wish lsit :)

  8. Ooh, I love this! I think I like the lighter one as well, for myself anyway. But the darker one is much more dramatic!

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies, each one makes me a happy chappy :) I will most definitely do something like this with the Naked Palette, it is much forgotten in my collection, even though when I first bought it I said to myself "But Karen, you will never need another eyeshadow again!" Who was I kidding :) So watch this space for some Naked looks :)


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