Monday, May 16, 2011

Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask review

*Disclaimer - there are some very scary photos in this here post, so don't say I didn't warn you!*

Last year I went to New York, actually, I think it's coming up to one year exactly and that's probably what made me search this product out again.  Any time I go to NY, I compile a list of products I want to buy so that I don't come home raging that I forgot something.  Last year I relied on Youtube for product inspiration, I've since discovered blogs so I'm screwed the next time I go to NY!

Anyway, I'd heard about the Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask online somewhere and wanted to try it.  I'm all about the masks and this one caught my interest.  It cost me $52 (eek) in Sephora, but I figured feck it, I've never had a facial in my life so this can be the closest I'll get to one for now.

Bliss says that it's "engineered as a stand-in for our spas' world famous triple oxygen facial treatment, releases oxygen molecules and detoxifiers" and is "a super-quick-fix for dull, tired, sallow skin".  At the time, I'd never heard of their oxygen facial treatment but having researched it a bit, it sounds like it would be good, but for some reason, still scares me!  My mam and I tried this mask one night in our hotel and had great craic laughing at the state of ourselves and I've used it sparingly since then, I mean, come on, it cost me that much, I need to make this bad boy last.

So tonight I decided my skin needed a little pick me up and I decided to finally review this mask.  It instructs you to massage a generous layer of the mask on to damp skin, wait 5 minutes and rinse well.  I have never tried to photograph this process before and in my panic to get photos of each step, I miss a few bits of my face, but not to worry, you will get the idea.

It's a thick peach coloured gel with tiny little sparkles in it and smells fruity and peachy. 

It has a pump dispenser so I pumped away until I got a wodge of the gel on my hand and started applying it all over my face.  It's lovely and cooling on the skin initially.  Then the bubbles start!  It feels weird at first, strangely enough, like bubbles popping on one's face!  Now for the scary photos hehe  I look like I've been in a big bubble bath and given myself a bubble beard, all I'm missing is a big mass of bubbles on my head :)



The longer you leave it on, the more bubbles appear.  The bottle says there's no need to leave it on for longer than 5 minutes, so after about 5 minutes, I rinsed it off.  Right after rinsing, my skin felt clean and looked bright, but it also felt slightly tight.  It does advise to use a toner and/or moisturiser right afterwards. 

The nitty gritty.

After I use this, my skin doesn't feel any different than when I use cheaper masks.  My all time favourite mask is the charcoal one from Origins and I rationed that within an inch of it's life because every my skin looked radiant after every single use.  With the Bliss mask, I may as well have sat in the bath and put bubbles on my face and I was disappointed, especially given the price.  I will finish this mask purely for the craic but will not repurchase.

Has anyone tried this mask?  Am I missing something?!


  1. haven't tried this one, but am always on the look out for a good mask, whats the Origins one you mention?? [ps nice soap beard :-)]

  2. LOL, what a great review missis! Oh, the stuff you do for your followers!!!

    This sounds like such an interesting product, never heard of anything like it before! But if it doesn't perform, maybe it's intended just for the craic??? A pricey one? :) xo

  3. I got this at christmas in a set with a free triple oxegen moisturiser cream.. The cream impresses me more to be honest.. I do like playing with the Santa beard you get with the mask

  4. @Deefu - Ah why thank you hehe The Origins one is the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask, amazing product and I shall do a review once I repurchase it in the Duty Free in July, can't recommend it enough :)

  5. @ArtDonatella - I know! It must be intended for the pricey craic ;P

    @Actionmags - Never tried any of their creams but am glad I'm not alone in making myself look like a gnome/santa ;)

  6. Haha great post! I have to say I really liked this mask last time I used it which was last year - thought it definitely had a brightening effect on my skin, but sure it could've been my imagination. I have a mini-sized one that I got recently enough in a gift set so much give it another go.

  7. @SileC - thanks :) Deffo give it another go and lemmie know how you get on. I'll keep using mine too until I finish it, for the price at least!

  8. I've heard good things about this, it's too bad it didn't do anything amazing for your skin!

  9. ha ha ha, the pics are gas :)
    I've never tried this nor have I had a facial. I really must sort myself out and get one....I just don't like the thought of people touching my face *shudder* it kinda freaks me out for some reason.
    That Origins one sounds great, is it expensive, can you buy it online?

  10. Great photos :D
    What are the ingredients do you know?

  11. That looks like so much fun, even if it doesn't have that much effect!x

  12. @Vintage Makeup - I know, ya win some,ya lose some :) Thing is now that I've discovered blogs, I make less bad choices in products!

    @Shoezanne - I think I'm the same re having someone touch my face, I feel claustrophobic when I think of it hehe I don't know the price in euros offhand for the Origins,but they sell it in Arnotts and Clearys, I'd imagine around €20-€25 ballpark? But so worth it.

    @marigasheedy - I'll have a google for the ingredients, the bottle has all these wonky scientific periodic table things on it ;)

    @Jenny - I know, at least it's good for something hehe

  13. I purchased this and used it once but I can safely say it did absolutely nothing for me so I agree with you Karen :-)

  14. I bought this too a couple of years ago in Sephora and.....never again. It's still lingering at the back of the bathroom. I had great expectations but I agree it does zilch.

  15. @swauna78 & Anonymous - am so glad I'm not alone in having wasted my spondoolies! But it was too expensive to just throw away so I will use it out of spite hehe

  16. I didn't like this either. Waste of money to be honest. I got mine when the sold Bliss in Brown Thomas. Still haven't finished it. Prefer to go to the spa for my facials. You should try it sometime Karen.


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