Sunday, May 1, 2011

NOTD:My little bit of the royal wedding :)

Well ladies, I watched and tweeted my way through the royal wedding on Friday.  I thought Kate looked gorgeous and thought she did a lovely job doing her own makeup.  When I heard on Twitter that her nail polish was Rose Lounge from Bourjois, I knew I had to get it :)  I read that it was blended with Essie's Allure but the Bourjois polish would do me for now.  I've been saving up the points on my Boots card for ages now and figured why not!  I got a couple of other items that I'll blog about soon.

So I bring you Rose Lounge by Bourjois.

Don't my nails look positively princess-esque?!  Rose Lounge is an Ultra Shine polish that is a milky pale pink.  The photo above shows 3 thick coats and I probably could have done another one or two to make it completely opaque.  I think this would look lovely with a tan too.

This was €7.95 in Boots, so get thee into Boots if one should want to have one's nails look like a princess :)


  1. This is a really pretty colour, I can see why Kate chose it.

  2. That's beautiful!! I though she was wearing french manicure.. !

    Pretty colors!

  3. its so sweet that she used affordable products and did her own make up! that is a beautiful colour and yes, your hands are set for the Queen! x

  4. That's a pretty colour and your nail look pretty healthy there missis!


  5. I love that colour, it's gorgeous!

  6. Was just thinking to myself tonight that I'm so gonna buy this polish - I'm such a sucker! Looks lovely on you :)

  7. That polish is fab, there's such a lovely shine off it

  8. Would you believe I was in Boots today and had it in my hand to get it but then i decided not to... if only I knew had worn it!


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