Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYC - New York Colour lip products overview and swatches

Next up on our trip through NYC New York Colour goodies are the lip products.  If you want to read about the nail polishes, click here!  First on the agenda are the Ultra Last lipsticks that are €2.49.  They feel lovely and creamy on the lips and these two are so pigmented.

On the left is Lilac Dream and on the right is Blue RoseLilac Dream is a lovely pink lipstick with a hint of beige that doesn't appear to have much lilac or purple tendencies!  It's a pretty neutral colour that is slightly darker than my lips.  Blue Rose though is something else.  It is a beautiful fuscia pink lipstick with blue undertones to it, as soon as I saw it I thought of ArtDonatella, she loves really bright lipstick, Andreea you need this.

The Kiss Glosses are next on the list and are €1.49.  Are you sensing a trend yet!  Top is Jay Walkin' Jam and is a bright pink gloss with multicoloured glitter running through it.  The middle gloss is Sugar Hill Shimmer and is a peachy/clear gloss with tonnes of glitter running through it.  And on the bottom is B'Way Berry which is a blackberry coloured opaque gloss.  It looks more purple in real life compared to the photo above.  I've been using Sugar Hill Shimmer this week at work and it's luffly :) 

The Lippin' Large Lip Plumpers are next up and are €2.49.  These contain cinnamon and ginger to help plump the lips, a very strange feeling altogether!  I'll do a before and after shot to see how it fares.  The top shade is Pink Champagne and is a dark pink/beige gloss with really fine glitter running throughout.  Under that is Strawberry Mousse which is a pearly baby pink gloss.  Bootiful.

The Liquid Lipshines are next up and are €2.29.  The top shade here is Rivington Rose and is a dark pink/rosey shimmery gloss that is gorgeous over Lilac Dream.  Under that is Brighton Beach Peach and this is a gorgeous colour for summer, peachy and shimmery.  They're not sticky at all and smell like cake!  They look frosty in the photos but on the lips they're really glossy and shiny. 

As we know, I have a lip product problem and these have not helped this problem.  I am now carrying an extra 2-3 items in my handbag every day.  I may as well give up and start bringing a wheely suitcase with me to work ;P


  1. Hahaha laughing away here imagining you wheeling all of your lip products in to work!

  2. Hey Carton,
    Luv the pink lippy but where r the the pucker pics??

  3. @Dee - I'll never say never ;P

    @Una - Whenever I take a closeup of my lips, I end up looking like Tom Selleck hehee Have been practising so will letya know when I get them sorted :)

  4. The lipsticks look fab! I'll have to see if I can find NYC!

  5. The lipsticks are really good for that price. I have Mauve Gold and Air kiss. My sister has the blue rose and she said its very similar to Make Up stores Senorita.

  6. Those glosses look so so so pretty! I'm really surprised I haven't seen them before!

  7. *adds these to huge shopping list*


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