Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYC - New York Colour nail polishes overview and swatches

Earlier this week, Fiona from New York Colour sent me some products to play with and when I say "some", I mean an obscene amount :)  So thank you so much Fiona, I'm having great fun playing with the products :)
I started doing one big monstrous post but it really was gimungous, so I'm splitting it up into a few posts.

First up is the nail polishes from the In A New York Minute range.  These babies will set you back a whole €1.29!  Yes, dear reader, you have read correctly, loose change in the beauty world :)  They dry in a New York Minute which is handy, who likes waiting around for polish to dry?

Above left is Greenwich Village, a bright fuscia pink that would be perfect for summer.  I'm obsessed with wearing bright colours during the summer months so this will be a fast favourite of mine.  Above right is Battery Park Purple, a deep purple polish that I can see myself wearing a lot in the Autumn.  I love that it's not too dark where you can't see that you're wearing a purple polish (I'm talking to you Lincoln Park After Dark!)

Above left is Sidewalkers.  It's a concrete grey polish that I would wear in the Autumn too.  I'm wondering how it would look with a glittery polish over the top.  Above right is Prospect Park Pink.  This was my immediate favourite that I wore to work and admired my nails all day.  You can see my full post here.

The next set of polishes are from the Expert Last Nail Polish range that last up to 7 days and are €1.99

Above left is Permanent Pink.  This is a gorgeous raspberry pink polish that will be coming on holidays with me to Spain.  Love it.  Above right is Oh SoHo Sweet, a milky pink polish that has french manicure written all over it, can't wait to try it properly.

Above left is Late Night Latte, a pearly light, well, latte coloured polish!  I'm not a big fan of polishes that have a pearl finish to them but when I teamed it up with the next polish, I was happy.  Speaking of which, the next polish up on the right is Grammercy Glitz.  Now, those of you that read my blog must know that I'm a big fan of glitter polishes.  They're a pain to remove, but the joy they bring to me is worth it!  This is a clear polish with blue, green, yellow and a muted silver glitter running through it.  I believe this polish will make me happy.

Above left is Late Night Latte topped with Gramercy Glitz, a little bit of glitter and I'm anybody's :)

Has anyone tried any of these polishes?  What colours do I need to add to my collection?


  1. ooh you lucky thing, I'm drooling over these. Is that too much information?
    I especially love the Greenwich Village and Prospect Park Pink, looking forward to seeing the rest :)

  2. I love Greenwich Village. Must deffo check these out! I'll actually try the blue one we got at the AWear event this evening :)!

    Funny thing - my verif.code is 'butibils', could only mean one thing: beauty bills? Dammit!


  3. I can't believe how afordable these are :o) I will be checking them out... Let me know how the 7 day ones fare out, I am totally intrigued for that price :o) xxxx

  4. Those 'New York Minute' shades are really lovely and so well priced!

  5. Oh must try these out, I'm not sure I've ever seen them round here, shall go hunting!!

  6. Love this post! Especially love Sidewalkers and Permanent Pink, fab colours.

  7. Deffo check them out ladies, I'm gonna get MoMa and the Lavander one this weekend :)

  8. Put on 2 coats of Battery Park yesterday, decided it was too glossy and intense looking for my personality ... I barely do 'glossy', veering more towards 'shabby chic'! I removed it and painted just one coat on, ah that's better, the purple is not lost, I like just seeing this on my nails for a few days, without having to worry about getting it perfect .. I've a wobbly hand with the brush!

  9. Lovely for autumn, great on my really short nails, edgy :) oh and I love the brush, makes polish to easy to apply, tho' it's handy to have varnish thinner on standby

  10. Thank you ... just not that big a fan of nail polishes!


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