Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be Stila my beating heart, it's coming back to Ireland!

Ladies, a very important piece of information came our way today via Twitter and that was that Stila is coming back to Ireland!!  It was a sad day (for me anyway) when Stila was no longer in Brown Thomas as it has been my favourite brand of makeup for years.  The first time I heard of it was after seeing The Sweetest Thing (completely crude and gross girlie film, so right up my street) starring Cameron Diaz and her make up was gorgeous in it so off I went and googled it and found out about Stila.  Since then, my stash has grown and grown and will now grow some more because ladies, on July 6th, Stila will be available in Boots in Liffey Valley!

So I thought I would show you my Stila stash in all it's glory.  A few bits are my sister's but since she's not into make up too much, I have "minded" them for her.  I'm good like that.

First up are the palettes.  I've been collecting these for yonks and they all make me happy.  And that's what life is all about right?!  I think they're probably all limited edition but that's ok, I'll still love them anyway.


Below are the palettes open.  As you can see, I love me some neutral shadows and smokey ones too.  The quality of the shadows are second to none.

These are the single shadows that I must put in a palette. I got the ones in pots in Sephora in NY over the years and the ones in the pans were bought from Cheapsmells.com last year.  Bottom left is Kitten, my absolute favourite eyeshadow of all time ever in any brand.

Below are the eyeliners, mascaras and convertible eye colours.  Onyx is my favourite black eyeliner ever.  The convertible eye colours are great because they've an eyeliner on one end and eyeshadow in the middle with a smudger on the other end.  Great for novices like my sister!


Below are the lip products.  Some of these belong to my sis.  Now, little fact, sad fact really.  When I saw Jennifer Lopez in the film The Wedding Planner yonks ago, she used a lip gloss in one of the scenes and of course, after the movie, googley googley, found out it was one of Stila's Lip Glazes, so I needed and got it!


Below are the foundations and powders in the collection.  I love the mini powders, I can't remember where exactly I got them it was that long ago.  They're great for popping in my handbag when going out.  And of course, I found out that Cameron Diaz used Stila's foundation in The Sweetest Thing and it's gorgeous.


Below are the blushes and bronzers.  I found out that Sarah Jessica Parker used the convertible colour products in Sex and the City so being the lemming I was at the time (and still am) I got one in the colour Peony, thats the larger one.  It's a gorgeous cream blush that is great for summer because it stays put.


So folks, that's my Stila collection for now.  That will most definitely be changing come July 6th (well, when I get back from my hol) and I will bring whoever will fit in my car to Liffey Valley to go get Stila stuff!

What should be on my list ladies?  Enable me please!

June favourites

So June is over and that's ok with me because I'm going away on Friday! Woo hoo!  It has been a good month all round so let's get started shall we?


Winner of the Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke bottles!

Thanks to everyone who entered this competition, I was so happy to see there were other lunatics out there like me who found these really cute!

Random.org chose the following 3 winners:


Monday, June 27, 2011

Battle of the waterproof mascaras!

Yes, it is experiment time again, I think it's the scientist in me!  My degree in science has obviously served me well as you are about to see...

It's "summer" time and that means one thing, rain.  Yes, if you are planning on going to Oxygen or any other festival, you can be guaranteed that it will lash out of the heavens.  If you are lucky enough to be inside during said festivals, you will probably be crying at the fact that you will have to go back outside into the muck and rain.

Luckily, I am on hand to help you avoid the dreaded mascara down one's face look that will undoubtedly be plastered all over Facebook for all the world to see.  I have three waterproof mascaras in my collection and haven't used them much to be honest.  I decided to give them a go and see which one will come with me to Spain on Friday.  And no, I will not be swimming with mascara on!  I will be sweating like a crazy person in the heat and need to not look like a lunatic thanks.

These are the three contenders for "Best Waterproof Mascara In My Collection Even Though I Only Have Three".

Top is Rimmel's Sexy Curves, middle is The Body Shop Big and Curvy and bottom is Avon Supershock.  I bought the Rimmel one a good while ago and have no idea how much it is in Ireland, but after checking the Boots website it's £8.19 so I'd say it's about €10 here.  The Body Shop Big and Curvy mascara was given to me at the Honey Bronze Collection event and it's €16.50.  My sister bought me the Avon Supershock mascara recently and won't tell me how much it was but it's about €12 from what I can gather online.

So the experiment itself.  I started by applying one coat of each mascara to my lashes, top and bottom.  Took a photo of my eyeballs.  Then I filled my bathroom sink up with water and dunked my face in it for about 10 seconds or so.  This was actually quite unpleasant.  I've never bent over my bathroom sink and stuck my head in the water.  It felt a lot weirder than I thought it would.  But these are the things I do for you guys!  After extracting my face from the water, I gave a good blink or two and took another photo of my eyeballs and these are the results...

First up is Rimmel's Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara:
This had the driest formula of the three and it was quite nice and natural on.  I like this wand with the little spheres, it means you can get every lash without too much hassle.  It felt like a normal mascara on my lashes but once my face was dunked, it made a mess under my eyes.

Next up is Avon's Supershock Waterproof Mascara:

I liked this mascara the most on my lashes.  It applied beautifully and my lashes were soft when it dried.  It has a really wet formulation but left a lovely curl in each lash.  I love the wand which is big, plastic and has loads of teeny tiny bristles that coated each lash perfectly.  However, look at the apres-dunk mess.  Very disappointed but will still use it when I'm not about to dunk my head in water or stand in rain.

Finally is The Body Shop's Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara:
The wand is really narrow and tapers towards the top.  The formulation is wet again and if you compare my lashes to the Avon photo, there isn't as much of a curl here.  When it dried, it left my lashes really hard and crispy and I felt that one annoying eyelash catching in the bottom ones.  However, at The Body Shop event for the Honey Bronze collection, make up artist Karim Sattar said that this stuff would not budge and he was 100% correct!  The photo above is after a double-dunk.  I didn't believe it was budge proof after the first face dip, so I went back in for a second one and nada!

I found that the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara and Avon Supershock both wiped off with a cotton pad and water when I was trying to clean myself up after the dips.  I had to use a waterproof eye make up remover to get rid of The Body Shop Big and Curvy mascara, nothing was shifting this baby!

So dear readers, the results of my experiment are pretty clear from the photos.  The Body Shop wins for pure stubbornness and it's ability to stay put after rigorous double dunking.  Avon's mascara comes second for how gorgeous it looks on lashes in dry conditions.  Rimmel comes in a distant third for meh-ness.

Are there any waterproof mascaras you swear by ladies?  And bear in mind I am going to sunny climates on Friday and it is payday on Thursday so I might have to try another one out "for blogging purposes" of course!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My top 10 summer nail polishes

This post has been doing the rounds in the blogging and Youtube world so I thought I'd add my 2 cents!

These are my top 10 summer polishes in no particular order:


As you can see, I love mad, bright colours and would totally wear any of these to work.  Let's take a closer look shall we?


From left-right: Bourjois So Laque in Rose Lounge, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Calypso Blue, Essie in Bermuda Shorts, Essence in Most Wanted and Revlon's Strawberry Electric.

I think a pale nail is gorgeous with a tan, makes you look even browner and it's the Kate Middleton colour!  And as soon as I tried Calypso Blue from the Sally Hansen line, I was in love, it's beautiful.  I got my one and only Essie polish last year in NY and this is a deep pink shade that dries to a satin finish.  The Essence polish is a really bright pink with a purple duochrome and Revlon's Strawberry Electric is an amazing metallic pink polish that I got in Newry for a couple of pounds.


From left-right: Barry M's Turquoise, Rimmel's Orange Bliss, NYC's Permanent Pink, Sephora by OPI's Mermaid to Order and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's Kook-A-Mango.

I'm obsessed with Barry M's Turquoise, it's a beautiful creamy blue that is lovely when we get the sun!  Rimmel's Orange Bliss is a pretty Fanta orange coloured polish and NYC's Permanent Pink is a vivid fuscia polish.  One that I've recently rediscovered is Sephora by OPI's Mermaid to Order which is a metallic greeny/blue colour.  The closest dupe I have to it in my collection is Rimmel's Green With Envy but that's slightly stronger in colour.  Rounding up the 10 is Sally Hansen's Kook-A-Mango which is a gorgeous, bright coral colour.

As you can see, I love me some colour in the summer!  I will be bringing some of them away with me on my holiday so we'll see which ones make the cut!  If you want to see swatches of any of them, just let me know which ones in the comments below.

What are your must have nail polishes for the summer?  Please be an enabler because if you haven't noticed, I'm a nail polish freak and need to know what everyone else loves!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke giveaway!

It's 11 o' clock, Diet Coke break!  Ah good times, I loved that ad :)  I am a Diet Coke lover and I am never giving it up!  It got me through my college years and then some and for that, I will be eternally grateful.  I remember sitting in the lecture hall at 8am with my friend Cliona drinking a can of it to prepare us for the day ahead hehe

Anyway, Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with Diet Coke to design these limited edition coke bottles and I must say, when I saw them, I thought they were really cute.  The puppet dolls in the ad freak me out a bit, but these I like!  They're pretty, they're girlie and that makes me happy.

There are three designs, dots, stripes and stars and they all feature his famous silhouette.  They're available in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum but how would you like to win one of these cuties?  I have three to give away so get entering!

How to enter:
Leave a comment below with your name, email address and which bottle is your favourite.

The Rules:
1. You must be a follower of my blog.
2. This competition is for Ireland only, sorry folks!
3. The winners will be chosen using random.org.
4. I will email the winners to get their mailing address which I will pass on to the PR company who will send out the bottle
5. The competition ends Sunday 26th of June at midnight GMT.

That's it folks!  Now, I don't actually want to open my bottle, it's too cute, wonder if it'd look cute with a pink flower sat it it?

Using "the good stuff" - volume 1

Earlier this week, I read this post on beaut.ie which asked if you were an equal opportunist when it comes to blush.  It made me think that I am, in fact, an equal opportunist and do not let price affect my love or need to try a certain product.  I will buy (almost) anything, no matter the price, if it's something I want to try.  But here lies the problem.  Yes, I am an equal opportunist buyer of products, but I'm not an equal opportunist user of products. 

It made me think about the different products I have in my stash and in the words of Carrie Bradshaw (please indulge me as I have been waiting to use this phrase forever), I couldn't help but wonder, why do I save my more expensive makeup for special occasions and use my more affordable products on a day to day basis?

I have some expensive products in my stash from my many trips to Sephora and I have some more affordable products too.  See, I like to keep and save the expensive products so that I don't "waste" them (those are my famous last words) and a lot of the time, this has backfired on me.  When I was going through my stash and organising it in my lovely unit, I came across some of my beloved Stila lipglosses that now stink to high heaven.  The same with mascaras.  I was absolutely raging with myself because it was such a waste of money. 

Looking around at my bits and pieces,I realised that I do the same thing with handbags, so I decided enough was enough and started using a handbag that I'd gotten for my birthday back in December but was too summery to use until now.  And I also brought out of storage a cute little Coach wristlet that I got on sale last year in NY.

As regards my makeup, I even separated my expensive stuff from my affordable bits!  They get their own drawer and I like to admire them more than actually use them.  And as I think about the posts I've done since starting the blog, the majority of the makeup looks and reviews are about drug store products and I've neglected my "fancier" products.  So this is my plan ladies.  I will give each brand a week of love at a time.  These products need to be used, loved and reviewed!  And it's ok if I use them up, because it gives me a reason to check out some more products and that's always a good thing!

So between now and my holiday next week and in honour of the Benefit event held this Saturday in Brown Thomas, I will be using all of the Benefit products in my stash, which are these beauties:

I am hoping that Cha Cha Tint will join this happy family soon!

I don't have a Benefit foundation yet so will use one of my regular ones for now.  I think I have everything else covered!

So question of the day, do you keep your "good stuff" for special occasions or do you use them every day?  Please tell me I'm not alone!

5 winners of tickets to Ladies Day at The Curragh!

Well, with a grand total of 7 entries, I'm happy to announce the winners of the tickets to Ladies Day at The Curragh this Saturday June 25th!

Using Random.org, these are the lucky ladies!

Aisling M Keenan
Una Nolan
Yvonne Manning

Congratulations to all and you can collect your tickets upon arrival at the reception in the main entrance building.  I'm guessing your full names are pretty self explanatory but if Antoinette can email me her full name, I'll pass it on to the lovely Aoife at O'Leary PR who allowed me host this fantastic competition!

Have a ball and send me photos ladies, I'm sure it would make a fantastic post for me :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Competition quickie!! Win tickets to Ladies day at the Curragh courtesy of Sally Hansen!


Ladies, how would you like the chance to win tickets to Ladies Day at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby Festival this Saturday June 25th?!  Yes, I thought so.

No 1 USA Nail expert, Sally Hansen has teamed up with The Curragh to offer ten lucky followers tickets to Ladies Day, so clear your calendar for Saturday!  Dust off your poshest frock and search out your most beautiful fascinator or even better, go all Princess Beatrice on it and make a statement with your boldest hat!

no fee-The 3 finalists , Philippa Forde from England,Aine Deschenes from Sallins and Martha Lynn from Roscommon at the Curragh Racecourse for today’s (Saturday, 27th June) Kildare Village Most Stylish Hat Competition at the Derby.  Winner Aine wins a shopping spree at Kildare Village worth €2,000.  Aine’s hat was created by Niamh Irwin and her dress is by Frank and Jane-photo Kieran Harnett

You could be in with a chance to win Best Accessorized Outfit that day and of course, because Sally Hansen is involved, there will be prizes for The Best Manicure and The Most Perfect Legs.  So get yourself a matching nail polish from the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure range and spray those legs with the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and you'll have the upper edge!  Bring your mam, your sister or your best friend and have a ball!


To be in with a chance of winning one of 5 sets of tickets to this fantastic day out, leave a comment below with your name.

For a second entry tweet the following message @Lovelygirlybits is giving away 5 sets of tickets to Ladies Day at The Curragh! Check it out on http://lovelygirliebits.com

The competition is a quickie and will end at 3.30pm tomorrow, winners will be chosen by random.org.

Good luck ladies!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Sale!

Well ladies, I thought I’d give a go at having a blog sale.  I’ve never done anything like this before so we’ll see how this one goes and if I want to do it again!  Let me first say that everything listed below was bought by either me or my sister.  I would never ever sell things I got for free.  This blog sale will be for Ireland and the UK only until I see how it goes, so sorry about that my lovely international readers!  Once I master the art of blog sales, I will do a worldwide one.  I will leave the sanitising of the products up to yourself!

If you would like an item, leave a comment below stating which items you’d like and include your paypal email address.  I will send you an invoice then.  Please pay within 48 hours or the item will be relisted! 

For the beauty items, shipping is €3 for Ireland and the UK plus €1 for each additional item.
For the handbags, shipping is €4 for Ireland and the UK plus €1 for each additional item.

Recently Updated36
Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW15, 95% remaining €7.  SOLD

Recently Updated37
Neutrogena Multi-Defence Night Moisturiser (always used a new cotton bud to take the product out), 95% remaining €4.  SOLD

Recently Updated45
Catrice LE eyeshadows: Top: En Vogue, Middle: Rock the party, Bottom: Drama Baby!  All only swatched, €1 each.

Recently Updated46
Lorac eyeshadows (rrp $19) Top-bottom: Rhapsody, Kiwi, Lilac, Cocoa, Garnet.  95% remaining - €8 each

Recently Updated47
Sephora mono eyeshadows (rrp $12) starting top-clockwise: Chrome No 8, Pearl No 15, Strass No 9, Chrome No 3 and Mat No 3.  All swatched a couple of times so 95% remaining.  €4 each.

Recently Updated48
Clinique Gentle Light Powder (rrp $23) in the shade Glow 3.  90% remaining €10.

Recently Updated49
MeMeMe Correct & Perfect concealer in the shade Nude (rrp £6.99) 95% remaining €3.

Recently Updated50
Sleek Bag Girl Palette (rrp £6.49) swatched - €4.

Recently Updated51
Sleek Sparkle Palette (rrp £6.49) swatched - €4.

Recently Updated52
Sleek Primer Palette (rrp £6.49) swatched - €4.

Recently Updated53
Top: NYC colour wheel in Scarlet Letter €1, Middle Stila Bronzing Powder (rrp $28) 90% remaining €10, Bottom Victoria’s Secret Blush/Highlighter Duo in Backstage 95% remaining €5.

Bourjois Bio Detox foundation in the shade N52 Vanilla, used twice €5.

Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral in the shade Plum Alchemy (left) and Quartz Peach (right).  Both used twice €3 each or both for €5. SOLD

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends split end protection cream, used twice €2.

No 7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil, 90% remaining €4. SOLD

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle, used once €2. SOLD

Cover Girl Clean Make Up in the shades 240 and 225, €1 each.

Rimel Stay Matte foundation in the shade 200 Soft Beige, used once €3.  Sephora Tangerine Grapefruit body wash €2.

Clean Baby Girl 60mls 90% remaining €10.

Korres SPF 20 Watermelon sunscreen for face €3.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter €2.50.

Lola by Marc Jacobs 30 mls (rrp €45) Brand new €20.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Covet 100 mls €15.

Recently Updated38
Jennifer Lopez Tote, brand new, tag on (rrp $165) €30

Recently Updated39
River Island €10.

Recently Updated40
Kathy Van Zeeland bag, brand new €20.

Recently Updated41
Guess handbag, brand new, tag still on (rrp $115) €40.

Recently Updated42
Kathy Van Zeeland bag, brand new €20.

Recently Updated43
Brown handbag, no name, €5.

Recently Updated44
Nine West, brand new, tag still on, €20.

Happy shopping everyone!  If anyone has any questions, leave a comment below or email me at karenbourgeois@gmail.com!

Superdrug’s Deep Cleansing Mud Mask review

Yesterday I was not feeling well at all and decided to treat myself to a face mask.  I first saw this mask a couple of months ago on Cornflakegirl’s blog, bought them and promptly forgot to use them.  Over the weekend I was reorganising my stash of products and found them, so decided yesterday was the night.
I tried the Deep Cleansing Mud Mask which has “the natural mineral benefits of dead sea mud to detoxify the skin”.  It is a clay based mask that helps “promote a clearer complexion, leaving skin softer and rejuvenated”.  I absolutely love clay based masks and ever since I finished my Origins Charcoal Mask, I’ve been searching for something similar.  I have combination/normal skin, so basically sometimes I get dry patches on my cheeks and have an oily t-zone.  The pores on my nose and on the skin around my nose on my face are quite large and I love using masks like these to clear them out.

Recently Updated35

First of all, it has quite a perfumey scent.  It’s not bad or overpowering, it just smells a bit manly to me, like an aftershave my dad would wear, but I like those kinds of smells, so have a sniff before you buy,  It comes in a squeezy tube which I love, I hate pots of stuff that you have to dig into.  It is a thick, grey mask that dries to a light grey colour.  I like to use an old foundation brush to apply masks because it doesn’t get all over your hands and more importantly, you get an even layer all over your face.  I applied the mask to my face, avoiding the eye area.  It felt nice and cool on application and then the drying kicked in.  I get such satisfaction feeling a mask dry to a hard finish.  I like to pretend I have had Botox and see what it would feel like!

A strange thing happened when the mask was drying.  Those pores on my nose and around my nose were doing something funny to the mask.  It looked like the mask was pulling all the oils and impurities out of my skin, leaving that greasy look that you get when grease touches a paper bag, have a look!  This never happened with my Origins one, so I was both revolted and excited about taking it off!

Recently Updated34

I washed the mask off in the shower and had a proper look once my skin was dry.  My pores really did look clean and my skin was lovely and smooth.  There was no tightness at all which can sometimes happen after using masks.  I am pretty impressed with this little mask and for €2.79 it’s a great deal.  I have another mask from the same range that I’ll try next, but all in all, am well impressed!
Has anyone tried this mask or any of the other ones from the range?

Monday, June 20, 2011

NOTD Sally Hansen’s Thinking of Blue

Today’s Nail of the Day is courtesy of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line.  It’s in the shade Thinking of Blue and it was the colour I chose for my manicure that day. 

Recently Updated33

It is a gorgeous navy blue cream nail polish that makes me happy.  The photos above show two coats of it and one coat of my beloved Seche Vite.

What nail polish are you wearing today?


My 200th post! This calls for a giveaway!

I can't believe I've actually written about 200 things so far on my wee blog!  Sometimes I've lost my blogging mojo but was always relieved when it came back so I could waffle on some more about lovely girlie bits!

So as a little celebration for myself and to thank you all for reading, I've decided to do a giveaway for my followers, old and new.  Here are the prizes:

Now, a little explanation first.  The lovely and generous Claire from In Claireness Now Fair kindly gave me a Mac 15 pan palette last month and I'm about to start depotting all of my Mac shadows so I can fill it up.  As you may know, if you bring 6 empty plastic containers back to Mac, you get a free lipstick.  If I depot all of my shadows, I'll have enough for 5 lipsticks and I don't need 5 new Mac lippies!  So I'll be giving 2 away along with Rimmel Pro nail polish in Beige Style and Collection 2000 Shimmer and Shade in the shade Just Peachy.

Here are the boring but necessary rules:

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below stating what two Mac lipsticks you would like and I will do my best to get them when I Back To Mac the eyeshadows.  If I can't get the shade you want, I'll be in touch with you and you can pick alternative ones.
The Rules:

  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. You must be a follower of my blog.  If you're not and would like to be, just click the Follow button on the right hand side of the blog.
  3. The winner will be chosen using Random.org and I will get in touch with them by email.  You have 48 hours to contact me with your address and I will post the prizes out.
  4. The giveaway is open worldwide and will close on Friday July 22nd at midnight GMT (this will give me time to depot the shadows, go on my holiday and organise myself when I get back!)
Good luck!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Testing Windows Live Writer with Bailey the cockapoo


After tonight’s #bbloggers chat on Twitter, I decided to try Windows Live Writer as an alternative to blogger, which gives me hassle to no end, so this is just a random post as I try out the different features.  Above is Bailey the Cockapoo, little brat and protector of the house!

Below is a wee video of him acting the maggot.

Bailey the brat.

Thanks for reading this, I’d had a much better 200th post planned but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow to be my 201st post!

Karen xx


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogs wot I am loving right now - volume 2

I felt it was high time for another one of my posts about blogs I love.  My list of blogs I follow and subscribe to is every growing and if you're not on this list, you're probably on my blog roll over on the right of the main page.  I read so many blogs every day but these are the ones I click on immediately when going through my Reading List...

The Land of Bargains - (my sister's new blog, gotta keep it in the famileeeeee!)
The Cook's Belly
In Claireness Now Fair
Dee-Lightful Thoughts
Cornflakegirl's Musings
Emerald Eyeliner
Fitz N Bitz
Musings of a Make Up Maniac
fluff and fripperies
The Life and times of Chantelle
buy now, blog later
Simone Loves Make Up
The Make Up Fairy - Joanne Larby
Vintage Makeup

Let's share the love and leave your blog address in the comments below, I want lots more blogs to read!

Quick and easy summer eye looks

I love the summer because it gives me an excuse to go mad with colour on my eyes.  However, I don't always have time to play around with different looks so I decided to show you what I like to do to bring a quick bit of colour into the usual dreary summer we have in Ireland!

This is a method that's fast and easy and I've tried to make it affordable too.  The make up on the eyelids is the same in all three looks.  This is what I used:

On the top is NYC's Mono shadow in the shade 907 Bazaar.  Bottom left is MUA's Shade 11 and bottom
right is MUA's Shade 1.  I apply Shade 1 in the inner corner and just under the brow, Shade 11 goes all over the lid and Bazaar goes on the outer V, giving us a simple bronzey look comme ca:

Now, to add some colour, here's the first set of products I used.  I used Mac's Powerpoint eye pencil in So There Jade and MUA's eyeshadow in Shade 8.  The top photo shows So There Jade alone on the lower lash line and the bottom has Shade 8 over it.
The next variation on this look was created using Make Up for Ever's Aqua Eyes pencil in a turquoise shade. I got it as part of a set last year or the year before, but any turquoise liner will do.  Then over the top of that I applied NYC's Mono shadow in the shade 913 High Street.
The final look is one I wear out at night if I'm in a rush.  It was created using Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes pencil in the purple shade, topped with MUA's Shade 9.  This would be gorgeous on green or brown eyes in particular.

Of course, you know me, once I start playing around with make up like this, I keep piling it on, the thicker the better!  Anyway, to make this purple look more dramatic, I added some of my Essence gel liner in the shade 02 London Baby.  I used Maybelline's One by One Volume express mascara in all of these looks.

So these products will be coming to Spain with me on my holiday!  The eye liners will stay put in the heat and even more so when I put shadow over them.  Let me know if you try any of these looks or if you have any requests and I'll get to work!

Have a great Saturday,

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