Monday, June 27, 2011

Battle of the waterproof mascaras!

Yes, it is experiment time again, I think it's the scientist in me!  My degree in science has obviously served me well as you are about to see...

It's "summer" time and that means one thing, rain.  Yes, if you are planning on going to Oxygen or any other festival, you can be guaranteed that it will lash out of the heavens.  If you are lucky enough to be inside during said festivals, you will probably be crying at the fact that you will have to go back outside into the muck and rain.

Luckily, I am on hand to help you avoid the dreaded mascara down one's face look that will undoubtedly be plastered all over Facebook for all the world to see.  I have three waterproof mascaras in my collection and haven't used them much to be honest.  I decided to give them a go and see which one will come with me to Spain on Friday.  And no, I will not be swimming with mascara on!  I will be sweating like a crazy person in the heat and need to not look like a lunatic thanks.

These are the three contenders for "Best Waterproof Mascara In My Collection Even Though I Only Have Three".

Top is Rimmel's Sexy Curves, middle is The Body Shop Big and Curvy and bottom is Avon Supershock.  I bought the Rimmel one a good while ago and have no idea how much it is in Ireland, but after checking the Boots website it's £8.19 so I'd say it's about €10 here.  The Body Shop Big and Curvy mascara was given to me at the Honey Bronze Collection event and it's €16.50.  My sister bought me the Avon Supershock mascara recently and won't tell me how much it was but it's about €12 from what I can gather online.

So the experiment itself.  I started by applying one coat of each mascara to my lashes, top and bottom.  Took a photo of my eyeballs.  Then I filled my bathroom sink up with water and dunked my face in it for about 10 seconds or so.  This was actually quite unpleasant.  I've never bent over my bathroom sink and stuck my head in the water.  It felt a lot weirder than I thought it would.  But these are the things I do for you guys!  After extracting my face from the water, I gave a good blink or two and took another photo of my eyeballs and these are the results...

First up is Rimmel's Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara:
This had the driest formula of the three and it was quite nice and natural on.  I like this wand with the little spheres, it means you can get every lash without too much hassle.  It felt like a normal mascara on my lashes but once my face was dunked, it made a mess under my eyes.

Next up is Avon's Supershock Waterproof Mascara:

I liked this mascara the most on my lashes.  It applied beautifully and my lashes were soft when it dried.  It has a really wet formulation but left a lovely curl in each lash.  I love the wand which is big, plastic and has loads of teeny tiny bristles that coated each lash perfectly.  However, look at the apres-dunk mess.  Very disappointed but will still use it when I'm not about to dunk my head in water or stand in rain.

Finally is The Body Shop's Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara:
The wand is really narrow and tapers towards the top.  The formulation is wet again and if you compare my lashes to the Avon photo, there isn't as much of a curl here.  When it dried, it left my lashes really hard and crispy and I felt that one annoying eyelash catching in the bottom ones.  However, at The Body Shop event for the Honey Bronze collection, make up artist Karim Sattar said that this stuff would not budge and he was 100% correct!  The photo above is after a double-dunk.  I didn't believe it was budge proof after the first face dip, so I went back in for a second one and nada!

I found that the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara and Avon Supershock both wiped off with a cotton pad and water when I was trying to clean myself up after the dips.  I had to use a waterproof eye make up remover to get rid of The Body Shop Big and Curvy mascara, nothing was shifting this baby!

So dear readers, the results of my experiment are pretty clear from the photos.  The Body Shop wins for pure stubbornness and it's ability to stay put after rigorous double dunking.  Avon's mascara comes second for how gorgeous it looks on lashes in dry conditions.  Rimmel comes in a distant third for meh-ness.

Are there any waterproof mascaras you swear by ladies?  And bear in mind I am going to sunny climates on Friday and it is payday on Thursday so I might have to try another one out "for blogging purposes" of course!


  1. Oh, I laughed throughout the entire post, you're so funny hunny :D! A degree in Science, that explains it! Fabulous post lovie, you're the "scientist" from now on, this will be your nickname :)! xoxo

  2. Karen,
    the things you do in the name of science!

  3. Brilliant experiment! Shocking to see how unwaterproof the "waterproof" mascaras are - you'd have to wonder about their own testing methods.

  4. @ArtDonatella - How I made it through that course is beyond me, but now I know if it wasnt for that, I wouldn't have been capable to do this experiment hehe

    @Una Nolan - I'm tellin ya, I need my own science show or sommat!

    @SileC - That's a good point, I wonder what their testing methods are, face dunking? Probably not hehe

  5. I've always used the rimmel one, and have never had any black under my eyes after it.. but I actually don't like the brush on it... your eyelashes look lovely from the Avon one... maybe I'll buy it :)


  6. I wore the Body Shop one when i ran the Docklands Run last week, it rained the whole time, like pissed out of the heavens, and i was sweating and it did not budge one bit, i love it

  7. have u tested waterproff kacks cause i ned a pair, totally peed my pants laughing at your experiment

  8. @Lowri - would deffo recommend the Avon one for dry times :)

    @Deefu - good woman yourself, you might've been sweatin like a mofo but your mascara stayed put ;P

    @Eadaoin - hehe always glad to give u a giggle, now lets see how many times we can get busted tomorrow at work, best bust everrrrrr today!!

  9. Lads, I just had the fits of giggles when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth tonight hehe I was alone when doing the dunking part of the experiment, can you imagine if my sister had've walked in on me in the bathroom? Me, bent over and head first in a sink full of water hehe Ah good times :)

  10. Sure when you were telling me about your experiment for the waterproof mascara, I was thinkin, hmmm how can we get her eyes to tear up, so my suggestion was to smell vinegar or hotsauce.... Yeah you can pretty much tell im hopeless with makeup!

  11. Such a useful post when one is thinking about holiday make up and how not too look like a sweaty mess!


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