Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lovely Girlie Bits goes to the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards!

Ladies, last week I received a phone call from the lovely girls from O' Leary PR inviting me to the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards and I absolutely jumped at the chance!  I was so excited that I didn't actually remember anything that Aoife had said and spent the evening googling where it was, when it was, what it was!

Anyway, when I heard that some of the other bloggers were going too, I figured, road trip, since we all live close to each other.  So four beauty bloggers embarked on a cross city journey from the north side to the south side, none of us actually knowing properly how to get to UCD.  Andreea, Deirdre, Sinead and I all arrived alive (phew) and we made our way into the building, greeted by waiters carrying trays of champagne.  We took one and took position where we could see who was wearing what!  This is what we were wearing..

We were ushered into the main hall where we found our table and Andreea and I found ourselves sitting beside Triona McCarthy and her plus one, Will, stylist Sonja Mohlich and TV3's Deric Hartigan.  Kirstie from beaut.ie was there too in her *amazing* wedges, chatting away with Celebrity Salon's Elaine Butler.  Needless to say, at first I felt like a gobshite among all these people as a lowly blogger but after I got over that and had the chats with everyone, I had an absolutely fantastic night.

This made my night..

I was Loverly Girly Bits which had me in knots, I use the word "loverly" all the time so it made me happy :)  Now, enough of my jibber jabber, on to the actual awards.  It started with an amazing catwalk show which was an ode to Alexander McQueen and it was, in a word, breathtaking.  Take a look at some of the looks created by the Zeba Hairdressing team.

We had a delicious dinner, followed by the awards themselves.  There were four awards given out in total.  The Young Colourist Award was given to Hession Hairdressing in Clontarf.  The Irish Tatler Style Award was given to Peter Mark, Dundrum.  The Men's Image Award went to House of Colour on Middle Abbey Street.  Peter Mark College, South William Street was crowned the L'Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2001 winner!

I'll tell you something ladies, the atmosphere was electric.  Everyone was cheering each other on and there was such a feeling of comradery.  Everyone was there to witness and support incredible talent and we were no different.

I had a magical night and thanks again to Aoife, Claire and the O'Leary PR team for inviting me.  I have never been to anything so fancy and was completely out of my comfort zone when preparing for it.  So I threw caution to the wind, took the advice of everyone I could and plonked a dress on, slapped on some red lippie and some Girls Aloud fake lashes and made it my mission not to fall.  I mean, if you can't go glam on a night like this, then when can you!

Ps Thanks so much to Andreea for the photos, my weeny camera was not up to scratch to do the models (and ourselves) justice!  I'll be posting some videos of the show on my youtube account so keep your eyes posted for that!  Over and out!


  1. this is awesome!!!! what an amazing opportunity- im so jealous!

  2. You looked stunning with that red lippie hun! Had the most amazing time with you girlies!

    PS: Had no idea who was at our table, what a dork am I? A complete one, really! xx

  3. Gas night! I loved Kirstie's wedges too...hahaha loverly! X

  4. Aw, looked like great fun and *loverly* to get a chance to get dressed up! Your own wedges look deadly too :) And I spied the bag to match haha!

  5. Looking super glam Karen! xxx

  6. Karen you looked loveRly!!! Ye look like ye had a ball!!

  7. Looks like it was a great night, fashion show looks like it was amazing. Your wedges and matching bag are veeee cute x

  8. Thanks ladies, way to make a buncha girls feel good :) We had an amazing time and felt very lucky to have been asked :)


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