Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lovely Girlie Bits Summer Series - Benefit's Posietint

It's summer time (allegedly) and that means one thing, makeup sliding off your face like yer man from Indiana Jones.

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There are lots of products out there that help prevent this atrocity and this is the first in a series of summer must haves - Lovely Girlie style :)  I'll be looking at products that will stay put in the blistering heat *ahem* that is our summer.

First up is this month's freebie with Glamour magazine. For those that dont know already (and shame on you if you don't! ) Benefit have teamed up with Glamour again, releasing one of three mini sizes of their Benetint, Posietint and High Beam.  I have High Beam and Benetint in full size already and have been dying to get my paws on Posietint.  Even though I have the other two already, I still had to physically stop myself from buying the other two and to be completly honest, I don't think I'm out of the woods yet on that front!

Posietint is a mad looking bright pink liqui-gel.  The applicator looks like a little plastic nail polish brush that dispenses a small amount of the product, giving you ample time to blend it before it sets.  I, however, don't like blending it with my fingers, I use this duo fibre brush I got in a set in TK Maxx.

Looking at it in the bottle, the colour is scary especially if you dont wear really bright colours.  When I first used it, I used my fingers to apply it but felt that it didnt blend in evenly, soooo, I knew exactly what i needed to use.  I use this duo fibre brush to apply the product because it gives a really light, even coverage and I think it feathers the edges perfectly leaving a flawless finish.

I apply the product directly to the brush, but you can apply it to the back of your hand either and stipple the brush into the product to get it all over the fibres.  Then I apply it to the apples of my cheeks, sweeping the brush lightly over my skin.  It gives a lovely sheer flush of colour that you can build upon if you want.  It stays put all day and doesn't go patchy, good stuff.  The photos don't do it justice here.

On the left is bare skin (well, with foundation on) and on the right is one layer of Posietint.  You can also apply it as a lip stain as you can see below.  It leaves you with a gorgeous natural looking lip that you can apply lip balm or lipgloss over the top to stop your lips from drying out.
I took some photos with a flash to show you how it looks under artificial light, gives a lovely glow altogether!

Some people were saying that the but was teeny but come on lads, for around €3, you get a magazine and the perfect sized bottle to bring away on holidays with you!  This is the type of thing you need in the summer, something that gives a completely natural finish.  I mean, lets be honest, you dont want powder that's caked on while you're sweating like mad. (I'm being completly optimistic here, I mean, an Irish and English summer?  Yeah, I had the heat on the other day).

This will be coming with me to Spain on my holidays.  It's the perfect size to fit in what I'm sure will be a jam packed makeup bag!  Something else that will be coming with me is the yet to be released Cha Cha Tint from Benefit.  I believe this will make me very happy.  Having seen swatches on a while back, it immediately made it's way on to my wish list. I need me some of that coral goodness stat, until then, my trusty Coralisa is providing me with the necessary coral cheeks.

For those that are in the area, on June 25th in Brown Thomas Dublin, you can get the chance to meet Benefit's Global Brand Authorities, Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson and our very own Beaut girlies, Aisling and Kirstie!  Click here to read more about it!
Did anyone else get their Glamour magazine this month?  If so, what product did you choose and why? :)


  1. Oh I am so in love with Posietint too! Great post hun, very well done if I say so myself!!! Posietint looks beautiful on ya missis! Now all we need is Cha-Cha Tint, which I think I will buy at the event, and we're good!


  2. i absolutely love posietint too! i actually picked up all 3 simply because i'm going through a lip tint phase and i didn't have any benefit ones. i'd say cha cha will be selling out on the 25th... :)

  3. I got all 3 and so far have used posie tint as a base for my lippie!

    I am very excited about ChaCha Tint - I think we will all be buying it next weekend!!

  4. I'm so excited about Cha Cha!! Bring it on! I love that I'm not alone in wanting/getting all 3 baby ones :)

  5. I got all three and I am hoping to go back to get another of the bene tint ones.
    I love it on my lips and I know I am going to lose it at some point.

    he guy in the shop thought I was a nut case buying three of the same mag but needs must and all that. I think the price point for the amount of product is pretty good to.

    I am also looking forward to trying the cha cha one when it comes out.

  6. I LOVE this stuff - put it on this morning at about 8:30am and its still on now at 10:40pm - amazing. I've never used it with a brush though, must try it. I just layer loads of it on with my fingers, Aunt Sally style :-) Can't wait for Cha Cha Tint either.

  7. You always make me chuckle! "allegedly" is about right! I got posietint too, not tried it yet though! I already had mini benetint and highbeam, and full size of the MeMeMe dupes so had no option really!!

  8. It looks really pretty on you! Hoping to get all the magazines. :) "(I'm being completly optimistic here, I mean, an Irish and English summer? Yeah, I had the heat on the other day" hahahaha

  9. lol to the picture of your man's face melting!

    The Posietint looks lovely on you, so natural but adds a nice 'lift'.

    I got the High Beam one with Glamour, I already have the Posietint and the Benetint (well, a knock off of the Benetint anyway!). I have yet to try the High Beam.

    Looking forward to the Cha Cha Tint!! I need more blushers like I need a hole in the head but I'm a sucker for coraly blushers

  10. Haven't got any of these, looks amazing on your skin!


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