Thursday, June 16, 2011

Product Rave: Babyliss Big Hair!

First came the Bourjois rotating mascara. Now I'm bringing my love of gadgets to a whole new level, except this isn't a gadget, it is a Holy Grail product.  This is the Babyliss Big Hair styler.

I can't blowdry my own hair into an actual hair style. No Siree.  I can, however, let my hair air dry like nobody's business and fumble around with a bobbin afterwards, tying it up in the hopes that nobody will notice just how bad it looks.  I make more of an effort if I'm going out somewhere but for workdays, hair bobbins were my best friends.  Even still, when I'm going out at night, I usually blowdry my hair as best I can, fumbling around with a couple of barrel brushes, trying to get the ends of my hair looking lovely and the rest of my hair looking smooth and shiny.

So when I got the hair cut a couple of weeks ago and realised that I was going to have an actual hair style (not just long straight hair with layers at the front) I watched as the stylist blowdried my hair using about 5 of those barrel brushes at a time,leaving perfectly flicked,smooth hair with body and bounce.  I'm not even exaggerating that when I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago,I swooshed my hair and every opportunity walking through Brown Thomas.  I knew I had to make the most of it because as soon as I washed the hair,it would go back to the shapeless mop it was before.

I'd heard about the Babyliss Big Hair from lee on twitter who asked if anyone had one.  I'd never even heard of it so in my fits of nosiness, I had a Google and a Youtube to see what the fuss was about and came across Natalya's video.  She has the most gorgeous hair anyway but after seeing what it did,I knew I had to have it. So while in Newry a couple of weeks ago, I got it and have blathered to anyone who sits still long enough about it. 

It's basically a rotating hairbrush on a handle. The bristles are soft plastic and evenly spaced around the little gaps in the ceramic barrel where the heat blows through. while rotating and brushing through your hair. There are 3 heat settings,two hot and one cool and a little button/lever that allows you to change rotation of the barrel. 

Yes,I know that the first thing you think of is that the brush will get tangled in your hair,but it doesn't. Well,sometimes it catches a couple of hairs but once you release the button,the brush immediatelly stops rotating and you can extract the brush from ur locks.  I couldn't resist posting the photos below!  It looks sore but it's not, it just shows the strength that the styler has!

I've been using a VO5 volumizing mousse with it and they work really well together.  I wash my hair and apply a handful of the mousse all through it.  Then I use a hairdryer to dry it about 80%.  I might add a squidgy bit more mousse at this point and start styling it, separating my hair into sections and I start styling.

Now, I've written this part of the post so many times, trying to explain how I use it and I decided to record a video.  My first ever video.  Where the lighting is rubbish.  And the camera position even worse (can anyone say double chin!) but I figured it's only a video and it'll hopefully explain it a bit better, so be kind dear readers!

It's rare that a product comes along that does exactly what it says on the tin and makes me this happy!  I will be tormenting my sister until she lets me try it on her hair because after seeing Natalya's video, I'm dying to try it out, of course, she's terrified it'll get caught in her cheveux.

It's €59.99 in Boots or Argos and I got mine for £45 in Newry. It is completely worth the money in my opinion.  I can't express enough how much I love this product!!  Has anyone tried it yet?  If so, what do you think of it?  Am I alone in my love affair with it?


  1. Oh I've been looking at this. So tempting. Well done on the video lady. You did a great job and it's great to see how it works. :-)

  2. Can't believe u got it before me!!! Can I come & play with it? :) I was worried the barrel of the brush would be too big for shorter hair... Hmmm, I'm broke but wanties, xx

  3. Yay you did a video! Fabulous. I really wanted one of these but my hairdresser said that because the air blows through the hair from the inside out that it would cause frizzies. You don't find that?

  4. Brill post & a brill video! I want this now ( will have to wait until I grow my hair) but amazing job! Your hair looks fab! X

  5. Wow what a great product and what a great vid too i look foward to seeing more from luverlytv

  6. Awww, that was a treat Karen! Excellent review hun, I need that in my life now :D. And the video, brilliant!!! As you say, 'love it, love it, love it!' xx

  7. Well done on your first video!! It was great, and if I now buy one of these I am blaming you entirely cos I reeeeeally want one now!! :)

  8. It sounds great, and nice first video as well! :) Love your accent, and your hair looks fab!

  9. omg, you're so sweet in the vid! after following yer blog for ages (after seeing you on!) i could never imagine what your voice sounded like. lol! Great review karen.Conair have a version of it in the states atm, if anyone is interested . . same concept - rotating brush, 3 heat settings. So tempted to buy it, i have hair similar to girl on box, minus the fringe which i'll be getting cut in sept (again!). thanks again for the brill review!
    Snowdrop xxx

  10. I ve heard great things about this, but my hair is really curly! If anything like this touches them, it's never going to come out alive, not the brush, not the hair either!

  11. lorraine holmwoodJune 18, 2011 at 8:43 AM

    Ohh you cud sell ice to eskimos!! Sold to the flat haired lady down the back! Cant wait to get it now. Your looking very hot may i add. ;0)

    Ps i second getting your sis to try it out! well done on the video chuck, your doin a fantastic job keeping us all beautiful! Keep it up. xx

  12. @Aoife - Thanks v much, state of me hehe U should totes get it :)

    @Lee - I know! It would be perfick for your hair, mine's shorter than yours now, I already have requests for a lend of it from girls at work hehe Roll on payday and you should treat yourself to it for reaching your goal weight :)

    @Mariga - Deffo no frizzies at all for me, I use it on both sides of each section of hair and my hair looks sleek and shiny all day :)

    @Claire - get cracking on those hair growing tablets pronto!

    @Deefu - Thanks mrs, was great to finally meet you yesterday and see the back of your hair ;P

    @ArtDonatella - I hope you get it and love it as much as I do!!

    @Lauren - You really need this in your life! Your hair's the perfect length for it :)

    @Vintage Makeup - ah you're too kind ;P

    @Snowdrop - ah thanks hehe I'll have to practice for future videos, this was a totally spur of the moment one :) Good to know re the Conair one!

    @thehouseofy - I'd love to see what this would work on someone with curly hair! Must search out curly haired friend now :)

    @Lorry - Lemmie know how u get on if you get it!! Was great seeing u and lottie last week ya yummy mummy :)

  13. Ok Karen Im nearly convinced.
    I mite even purchase one after pay day. Big hair might be an asset for my interviews!!

  14. Got one back in February and it has changed my it too!!

  15. i wish i could use this machine as well as my mam does, but i think my hair is far too long for it, and as a result i got my hair jammed in the fan part and tangled in the brush!

  16. I cant live without my Big Hair! I go mine in August too! (going over all the blog and posts ive missed!!!)

    I have long'ish hair like well below my shoulder but not to my elbow and it works wonders on my hair! i find pinning all the upper sections up and going bit by bit works for longer hair. But shiny sleek hair all day! Everyone should have one!

  17. Ooh,I've been thinking about getting one of these...Now I've seen it in action...I may be off shopping later!


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