Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quick and easy summer eye looks

I love the summer because it gives me an excuse to go mad with colour on my eyes.  However, I don't always have time to play around with different looks so I decided to show you what I like to do to bring a quick bit of colour into the usual dreary summer we have in Ireland!

This is a method that's fast and easy and I've tried to make it affordable too.  The make up on the eyelids is the same in all three looks.  This is what I used:

On the top is NYC's Mono shadow in the shade 907 Bazaar.  Bottom left is MUA's Shade 11 and bottom
right is MUA's Shade 1.  I apply Shade 1 in the inner corner and just under the brow, Shade 11 goes all over the lid and Bazaar goes on the outer V, giving us a simple bronzey look comme ca:

Now, to add some colour, here's the first set of products I used.  I used Mac's Powerpoint eye pencil in So There Jade and MUA's eyeshadow in Shade 8.  The top photo shows So There Jade alone on the lower lash line and the bottom has Shade 8 over it.
The next variation on this look was created using Make Up for Ever's Aqua Eyes pencil in a turquoise shade. I got it as part of a set last year or the year before, but any turquoise liner will do.  Then over the top of that I applied NYC's Mono shadow in the shade 913 High Street.
The final look is one I wear out at night if I'm in a rush.  It was created using Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes pencil in the purple shade, topped with MUA's Shade 9.  This would be gorgeous on green or brown eyes in particular.

Of course, you know me, once I start playing around with make up like this, I keep piling it on, the thicker the better!  Anyway, to make this purple look more dramatic, I added some of my Essence gel liner in the shade 02 London Baby.  I used Maybelline's One by One Volume express mascara in all of these looks.

So these products will be coming to Spain with me on my holiday!  The eye liners will stay put in the heat and even more so when I put shadow over them.  Let me know if you try any of these looks or if you have any requests and I'll get to work!

Have a great Saturday,



  1. I've been meaning to pick up the Essence gel liner, I must! Fab looks, so colourful! :)

  2. I love the idea of colour on the bottom, neutral on the top but it never works for me - I always end up looking ill. :( looks lovely on you though Karen!


  3. @Leanne I must try the liner in black too, I was dying to try the brown one for ages :)

    @Sarah - ah we dont want you looking ill now do we hehe

  4. I love the pop of blue on the bottom! I just love blue shadow/liner :)


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