Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where have you been all my life Liz Earle?


One of my favourite things about blogging is finding an amazing product and telling you all about it.  I have a few products coming up that I don't know how I lived without and this is one of them.  Frankly, I don't know why I haven't tried it before!

I was sent the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser starter kit last week to try before heading to the Liz Earle event at Wilde & Greene next weekend and have been using it every day since.  It instructs you to use it twice a day but I am not that organised at 5.30 am, so I use it in the evenings.

First up, the packaging.  It looks so fancy!
It was carefully wrapped up in tissue paper which I tore asunder to get to the good stuff!  The product itself comes packed in a little green canvas bag, which also contains the 2 muslin cloths.  The packaging itself is clean and simple.  The Cleanse & Polish comes with a pump dispenser which means no wasting of product since you are advised to use one to two pumps on your face each time.  It costs €15.00 for this starter kit which is the 100 ml cleanser, 2 muslin clothes and the little bag.  The cleanser by itself costs €13.25 for 100 ml and 2 muslin cloths alone costs €4, so the starter kit is great value.

The cleansing lotion itself is really rich and thick.  The first thing I could smell when I pumped the product onto my hand was the Eucalyptus.  It's not overpowering but if you're sensitive to the scent of something like Vick's Vapor Rub then I'd give this a miss!

To use it, I apply two pumps of the product all over my face, massaging it in using circular motions.  When an even layer of the product has been applied, I soak one of the muslin cloths in hot water, wring it out and start polishing!  The muslin cloth isn't abrasive at all when polishing the product away and I always feel like it's doing a thorough job of removing impurities from my skin.  I use a clean part of the cloth for each part of my face and when I feel the cloth isn't hot anymore, I soak it again in the hot water and ring it out.  I feel that if the cloth is hot, it's also helping my pores to open and open pores means gunk gone :)

When I've finished removing the cleansing product from my skin, I usually splash my skin with cold water and pat my face dry with a clean towel.  My skin is left feeling lovely and smooth and there is no residue left unlike the No 7 one I bought at the start of the year.

I will absolutely purchase this myself when this one runs out.  I'm even more excited to go talk to the Liz Earle team at Wilde & Green on Saturday, details about the event are here, so sign up if you haven't already.  You can buy the products in Wilde & Green in Milltown or online here at the Irish Liz Earle website.

To be honest, I thought the products were going to be a lot more expensive than they actually are and have my eye on their moisturisers already!

Has anyone tried the Cleanse & Polish or any other Liz Earle products that I should try?  Recommendations on a postcard please :)


  1. My, that sounds fabulous! I thought they were bloody more expensive too! But I would try the 'starter kit', sounds like a great deal!


  2. Cant wait for Saturday to have the chats with the ladies there :) Looking forward to learning more about the different products

  3. the superskin products are absolutely excellent - I use the oil every winter and absolutely love it to bits. The engerising body wash and scrub = also DIVINE. Yum!

  4. I was going through the literature again this evening and when I got to the Superskin oil, I swear to God I thought of you hehe You talking about your oils has gone into my brain without realising :) Am gonna make my way slowly through the products, cant wait :)

  5. I've gone through the starter kit and continue to use it. Love it! I get lots of compliments on my skin when I use it. Haven't tried any of their other products yet but I want to

  6. oh I am so looking forward to next week and having a chat with the skin expert!

    I am also really looking forward to trying out this product + can see myself buying the starter kit!

    Great post missus!

  7. This sounds amazing! I want it!

  8. @Ronaamal - glad to hear yet another good review on it, i've yet to hear anything bad about it :)

    @Claire - cant wait, will be looking forward to hearing how you get on too!

  9. I am defo picking up the starter kit on friday, I am mad to try the clense and polish, a friend of mine has been using Liz Earle for years so she has been telling me all about the brand,

  10. I loved cleanse and polish for years until it started causing a reaction with my skin, I've still not found a proper replacement :( But I use their normal moisturiser for normal/ combo skin and it is totally amazeballs for my sensitive skin. (oddly enough the girl in the shop told the one for sensitive skin would be too much for my sensitive skin O_o )

  11. @Actionmags - i want a full report on how yis get on at liz earlie at the event friday night :)

    @Nailish Ramblings - have my eye on the moisturiser too,wonder how come you started reacting to the cleanse and polish after so long, have heard of things like that happening, contact dermatitis after using a product, now I really want to try the moisturiser!!

  12. Hi there, brilliant post on Liz Earle products.I too have a weakness for cute packaging. lol

    I was recently introduced to her products and I'm officially in love and am due to write a wonderful blog post about it aswell.

    Come and check it out :) (also about girly stuff :)

  13. I love the cleanse & polish. I'm using the haircare now too as I've just found out I'm allergic to SLS which is the foaming agent in most shampoos etc and Liz Earle doesn't have it :)

    I am going to the event on Thursday and I have my eye on the shower gel for the same reason, xx

  14. @Vintage Makeup - I agree!

    @MustBeAGoddess - looking forward to reading your review :)

    @Lee - Am very intrigued about the haircare, have read good reviews, looking forward to seeing how you get on with the shower gel, we're all such enablers!


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