Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Avon Colordisiac lipsticks

Ladies, I have a confession to make.  I am afraid of the Avon catalogue.  Scratch that, I am afraid of *me* with an Avon catalogue.  But now it's just gotten scarier for me.... Not only are there Avon reps on Twitter and Facebook, but I've just found out they have an online store.  I may be bankrupt by the end of the year ;P

Seriously though, they have some great products on the market right now (but please bring back the Supershock Gel Liner in black please thanks very much)!  Imagine my delight when these little babies found their way to my post box.  I like to think that they were coming home to the mothership :)

These are Avon's Colordisiac Lipsticks, aren't they preeeetty?  I was given 7 of the 9 shades to try out and I immediately whipped them out and got them posing, smile with your eyes little lipsticks!

They are €12.75 but keep an eye out for special offers online and in the catalogues.  They have a gorgeous vanilla scent which I love and are so creamy when applied.  Take a look below at some swatches, I've gotten braver about posting photos of my lips, they're my least favourite feature on me face :)
Can't Resist Coral

Alluring Brown

Drawn to you

Rose Addiction

Flirty Fuchsia

Ravishing Red

Red Hot Lips
My favourites are Can't Resist Coral, Flirty Fuchsia and Red Hot Lips.  I wore Red Hot Lips to the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards and felt very glam altogether!  All of the lipsticks are really pigmented as you can see from the photos above and I took them with and without the flash so you can see them properly.  I think it's always difficult and risky buying make up without seeing swatches first because the colours can be different in person than in the catalogue, so hopefully this post helps you delve into the world of Avon's lipsticks and be able to pick shades that will look good on you!

Have you tried any of these or any other Avon products that I should try out?  (I think I'll be sorry I asked that question, I'm sure a load of products will be added to my Must Buy List!)


  1. Love the look of 'Drawn to you'! Fab post hun, your lips must be sore now after all that swatching :D! xoxo

  2. I have never bought anything from Avon but you're certainly making those look appealing. I love rose addiction!

  3. rock-or-not - a girl after my own heart ;P

    ArtDonatella - I was like the Joker in Batman, lipstick all over my face hehehe

    The Make-up Fairy - They're really gorgeous on, not drying at all. I have my eye on two of the supershock pencils (maybe three eek!)

  4. I love Drawn to you! It looks fab on you :)

  5. Like the look of the coral one, although all seem nice. Well, except the brown one. x

  6. The fuschia one looks lovely! I need a nice pink lipstick!

  7. Omg can't resist coral and drawn to you are amazing! I've never bought any avon makeup - might have to give it a try!!

  8. I love the flirty fushia and I want to try the Avon hair minimising cream as it intrigues me

  9. Great, just what I need, more lipsticks to add to my wish list ;)

  10. Vintage Makeup - Thanks! its purty innit?

    Yourbeauty - yeah the brown one doesn't go with my skin tone but it shall be given to someone who it'll look better on and I'll make her blog bout it!

    Y - the fuschia one is gorge,really bright and girly :)

    A - Deffo give them a go, the coral one is my fave for sure :)

    Actionmags - what is this hair minimising cream that you speak of?

    fluff and fripperies - we're each other's enablers, what can i say hehe

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