Monday, July 11, 2011

My holiday make up - what I brought vs what I used!

Well ladies, I'm back from a lovely 10 days in Spain and I had a fantastic time!  Lots to eat and drink and lots of relaxing was had by all and I'm ready to start blogging again :)  I decided to write this post about what make up I brought vs what I actually used, in the hope that it will help others out there like moi!

Will I ever learn?  Take a look at the make up I brought with me on my hols..

And this was after the second round of cuts...  These were the products that I *knew* I would "absolutely need and would be raging if I'd left them behind".

These are the products I actually used:

Yes, this was it.  It was meltingly hot over there and for some reason I decided to bring foundation?  I used my Body Shop Honey Bronze bronzing gel on the nights we were going out to give a gorgeous natural glow to my face and neck.  This stuff is amazing and I will be doing a full review on it soon, it deserves it's own post.

The second product I used on nights out was my newly acquired Cha Cha Tint from Benefit.  I am in love with it as I knew I would be before even buying it and it was the perfect product to give a nice peachy glow to my cheeks.  I used the duo fibre brush above to apply both of these products since I wanted a natural look, nothing too heavy and this is the perfect brush for that.  I don't like applying stains like Cha Cha Tint with my fingers because I don't think I'm a good blender and I'm always afraid it will set before I've finished blending.

The next product was my Avon Supershock mascara that my sister bought me a few weeks ago.  As you know from my extremely serious scientific experiment conducted recently comparing my waterproof mascaras, entitled "The Best Waterproof Mascara In My Collection Even Though I Only Have Three."  I took The Body Shop's Big and Curvy waterproof mascara and the Avon Supershock but forgot to bring my waterproof make up remover so it was Avon all the way and I really do love this mascara.  I took my cucumber scented make up wipes from Boots with me too, I love leaving them in the fridge and it's a lovely way of cooling the aul skin down a bit.  It also cemented my decision to use the Avon Supershock mascara since I was able to remove it with the wipes.

I used my Sleek Storm Palette along with an angled brush that I couldn't seem to find when going to take the photos to fill in my blonde brows and that was it!

It was too hot and humid to do anything else and I felt with having to lash the sunscreen on my face all day, I didn't want to apply anything too heavy on to my skin.

So ladies, what are your must have items that you *need* to bring away with you and then you end up leaving them in the make up bag for the entirety of the hollier!


  1. The Cha Cha tint is my new favourite too :) xxx

  2. We have all gone cha cha mad
    I always bring too much makeup and of course I will have gotten more in the duty free on the way

  3. Cha cha goes SO well with the bronzing gel! I have to say I think you travelled light, me being an idiot I probably would have brought at least two more blushers and loads of eyeliners etc...X

  4. That's a great post especially as I'm thinking about what to take on hols!

  5. You travelled really lightly im trying to downsize my holiday mk up bag but i just want to take loads lol x

  6. That's so true, I'm the same, bring a ton, use a little! Welcome back sweets!!!!!!!!Glad to hear you had the best time, a well deserved best time! xx

  7. Delighted you had a fab time, it's good to have you back though.

    I cannot stop wearing ChaCha Tint, I <3 it so much.

  8. I'm glad you had an awesome holiday but I'm also glad that you're back and blogging. :D
    I'm going to try and take very little away with me, although I plan on acquiring a fair few make-up pieces while I'm away so I'm more concerned about the weight restrictions. Ahaha


  9. Daisy - what can I say, we have great taste!

    Actionmags - we are sisters from another mister, i tell ya :)

    Dee - love that bronzing gel so much, once the smell goes away hehe my mission was to get it into my makeup bag, if it didnt fit, no come with :)

    Adoreabubbles - I use it every single day for my foundation, love it!

    The Make up Fairy - looking forward to seeing what you bring/use on your holidays :)

    nicoletta -keep us posted on what you bring!

    ArtDonatella - we're girls and we need to be prepared, thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it!

    cornflakegirl - i havent heard one bad thing about cha cha, i love it!

    fluff and fripperies - thanks emma!

    Sarah - looking forward to seeing your purchases!


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