Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two ways with Mac's Golden Gaze

After seeing this post on Beaut.ie recently, I became obsessed with needing to have Mac's Golden Gaze in my life and in my collection!  And when I saw Aisling from beaut.ie on Xpose a couple of weeks ago, I turned to my sister and said, "oooh look, I think she's wearing Mac's Golden Gaze eye shadow" at which point she looked at me like I'd spoken Japanese.  Anyway, it is part of Mac's Semi-Precious collection and I am obsessed with it, the end.

It comes in at a decent €20.50 and you get 2g of product compared to 1.5g from a regular Mac shadow.  Isn't it preeeetty?  It's a gorgeous blacky yellowy goldy bronzey eye shadow that applies like a dream.  I know that is a very vague description of the colour but it truly is one of those eye shadows that looks different depending on the light.

I've been playing around with it since I bought it and decided to show you some photos.  Rather than do a how-to post, this is a look-what-you-can-do-with-it-and-it's-so-easy post!  I applied it to one eye as normal, dip brush into shadow, apply eye shadow to lid, bing bang boozy there you go.  On the other eye I decided to apply it wet, so I grabbed my Fix + from Mac, sprayed it directly onto the brush and applied it as I would if it was dry.  Bing bang boozy it looks completely different.

On the left you can see what it looks like when applied wet.  The Fix + brings out the gold beautifully and the sheen is gorgeous.  On the right is it applied dry, it's a much smokier darker look.  If you don't have Fix + on hand, water will do the same thing.  It seems to grip the gold and just make it lovely and shiny.  And we all like shiny things.

A quick lash of some black eye liner on the waterline and some extra mascara and you're good to go.  This would be a great eye shadow to have on hand for a subtle smokey eye, apply it wet to the lid and dry to the crease.  The lid will be left lovely and gold and the crease will be dark and smokey.  Happy days!

I think this colour would suit all eye colours and would be a great investment if you can find it.  Word on the street is it's sold out in Brown Thomas in town, I got mine in Dundrum last week and there was one left.  So get searching ladies!

Left is the shadow applied wet and on the right it was applied dry.  Now I haven't had the courage to wear something like this to work yet but I'm building up to it!  And now because of Simone G and Lollipop26, I now want Smoked Ruby, sigh, I'll never be rich at this stage!

Has anyone tried anything else from the Semi-Precious collection?  I'm kind of afraid to ask this question in case it makes me want more but I'd rather know from you ladies what's good and what to leave behind in the shop.  So hit me with your recommendations!


  1. Oh wow it looks completely amazeballs when wet (looks great dry too). Love it, such a shame I haven't been able to get my hands on it. Boo.

  2. I love Smoked Ruby you have to get it!!!...It's gorgeous...I got Rare Find as well but haven't been using it as much...

    Would of loved to get Golden Gaze though:(


  3. So pretty. I was in Dundrum yesterday and the still had the tester out. I had a little play cause you were talking about it...but I am on a shopping ban don't ya know *terms and conditions apply

  4. It's sooo pretty!
    I was completely put off by the stand in BT2s so didn't buy any.
    Rare Find looks very, VERY like Earthly Riches, which I have & love.
    BTs may get a second chance after all :)

  5. Wow, what a great tip. I bought the fix + when I got the golden glaze so I can't wait to try this out! Thanks x

  6. Looks fab on you i am still scared to purchase tho ha ha !! xxx

  7. Oh my GOD this looks FABULOUS!!

  8. cornflakegirl - hope you get your paws on it soon, its bootiful

    LauraMck - i really do think I need Smoked Ruby, thanks for enabling me more hehe

    Actionmags - hehehe i love it! the terms and conditions can be changed at any time, but of course you knew that, right? ;P

    CherrySue - must check out rare find, swatches online look gorge!

    LavaGirl - ooh lemmie know how you get on with the Fix + and Golden Gaze :)

    Makeup Hair and Glitz - ah go on go on go on ;P

    fluff and fripperies - thanks lovie, it's my new fave item of the mo :)

  9. i got this last year when it came out after reading about it on Beaut.ie, i used it once or twice and while i love the colour, it just didn't seem to suit me, as i thought it was too dark, i have blue eyes and all dark eyeshadows seem to make my eyes look like pi**holes in the snow, but thank you for this post, i'm DYING to try it out wet now, was just gonna swap it on the swap shiopa, wohoooooo, i'll let u know how i get one, thanks again


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