Friday, August 19, 2011

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Skincare Collection

There's nothing better than sitting down and talking to someone who is so passionate about what they do. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to have the chats with Emma Hardie, facialist and skin care expert, to talk about her skin care range which is coming to Ireland, Arnotts to be exact. She, Clare and Amanda talked me through the products available and I left smelling gorgeous with soft hands and arms from trying everything out.

The first question they asked me was what I knew about the range and I gave my honest answer which was that up until last week, I'd never heard of Emma or her skincare range. So I Googled and Youtubed and learned more about her and the products and couldn't wait to meet her. Emma's focus and aim is to teach women how to achieve toned, rejuvenated, smooth, vibrant looking skin using her products and facial massage. Now, when I was doing my research, I came across videos of Emma explaining facial massage and how it benefits the skin and muscles of the face, even helping to sculpt the face. So what have I been doing since then? Massaging my moisturiser into my skin in lines rather than circles. I mean, come on lads, her skin was gorgeous and I want me some of that thanks.  

A good place to start is with the Professional Cleansing System (€49.99).  This contains a Dual Action Cloth, a 100 ml pot of the Moringa Cleansing Balm and a pot of infused Rosehip Exfoliating seeds.

I was excited to hear more about the Moringa balm, a gorgeous smelling pot of gold that can be used dry or wet.  When used dry it can be buffed into the skin to tighten and brighten and when used wet, it emulsifies into a creamy cleanser.  It can be used as a mask, as a lip balm and to soften the cuticles.  
Moringa Cleansing Balm
Rosehip exfoliating seeds infused with essential oils can be added to the balm to make an exfoliating cleanser or if your skin is a bit more sensitive, it can be left on the skin as a mask.  
Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds
The Moringa balm can be used with one of the Dual Action Cleansing Cloths which has a muslin cloth on one side and a micro fibre side.  I'm looking forward to giving the micro fibre side a go and it can be used dry with no product to polish the skin.

The range includes an AM/PM Professional Moisturising Cream (€43.00) which has the benefits of a serum and moisturiser in one and smells amazing (I know this isn't a review post but I've been using it since Tuesday and I am in The Love already).

The Moringa Foaming Cleansing Wash (€39.99) is packed full of essential oils, naturally derived foaming agents and enzymes which gently exfoliate the skin leaving clear bright skin.  I mean, come on, I'm gonna be glowing using all this stuff.  I literally will light up a room when I walk in, will save on electricity bills big time!

There is a definite theme with the products and Emma said that they were all about "microderm exfoliation rather than microderm abrasion".  Be nice and respect your skin is the motto!  I will be reporting back on how I'm getting on with these products so keep an eye out for them. 

When the collection is launched on September 5th, I'll be treating myself to the Rejuvenating Night Cream (€64.99) which is a really concentrated cream and improves skin's texture (one of my major skin  issues), hydrates and firms.  This is right up my street as I am getting on in years *ahem*.  

Right now the cheapest thing in the collection is €11.99 and for that you get three of the Dual Action Cloths and coming soon will be a tinted lip balm which will be €16.  I'm excited at the body scrub that will be coming in October, it'll be another multi purpose product in that it's a scrub, when you add water to it, it'll become a milky body wash.  Love me some dual function products so I do.
The only thing that makes me nervous is that Emma said these products will reduce the need for wearing foundation.  Ladies, no word of a lie, what'll I do with the 11 bottles of foundation in my collection?!  But on the flip side, will I become one of those smug amazing-skinned people who will be able to slap on some tinted moisturiser and say things like "oh this? I'm just wearing tinted moisturiser, mascara and lipgloss, sucks to be you with all that on your face" and go on my merry way?

When describing the products, Emma and the girls spoke about how the scents make  you feel like you're in a spa and you get to give yourself a  facial every day.  I didn't have the heart (or nerve) to tell them that not only have I never been in a spa, but I have never had a facial.  They probably would have had a stroke if I'd told them that, so in the interest of health and safety, I kept my mouth shut.


  1. Love Emma hardie, I do her DVD. Have booked to do a workshop with her in Oct. Mucho excited. Look forward to hearing about the products. Most people don't like micro fibre cloths so interested to see what you make of them. X

  2. Love the sound of the balm and rosehip seeds. Good to know the micro fibre cloth has a muslin cloth on one side though as I think the micro fibre would be too drying for me.

  3. The packaging alone makes it worth buying! :)

  4. Oh, you'll soon be one of those stuck-up tinted moisturiser gals we don't like :P! Hell, what can you do? Will not hold that against you, how could I?:Dxx

  5. Loving the sound of these!

    I'm not a huge microfibre fan though, have that sports turban hair towel thing and it just grates on my skin - can feel it in my teeth :/

  6. Ooo this sounds lovely you will have to tell us that you have thrown out the foundation I would love to have skin like that .. Sign me up

  7. Mariga - Am gonna search for her dvd cos I'd love to learn more about it,will be dyin to hear how you get on in the workshop :)

    cornflakegirl - am looking forward to giving the micro fibre a go for the craic,gonna start using it all tomorrow

    Vintage Makeup - It's so posh!

    ArtDonatella - I have high hopes for this I tell ya! Been using the moisturiser and can see a diff already,no word of a lie

    CherrySue - I've never used a micro fibre yokey other than the turban towel myself heeh will be interested to see how it goes :)

    Actionmags - I havent been happy with my skin for ages and was on the lookout for a new routine, this came along at the right time so we'll see!


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