Sunday, August 28, 2011

Favourite Five posts of the week

Another week gone, holy moly!  And now that the X Factor has started, the Christmas countdown has well and truly begun.  Yes, I said the C word, Christmas!  But as we're talking X Factor, am loving me some Gary Barlow, the t-shirts, the blazers, the beard, hello Gazza....

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So enough drooling, wipe your chins and let's get cracking on my Famous Five, I mean, Favourite Five posts of the week, the ones that made me laugh, cry, inspired and made me go ooh.

1.  The gorgeous Emma over at Fluff and Fripperies invited me to take part in a series she's doing on bloggers' five favourite products and here is my guest post along with a lovely intro, *sniff* thanks Emma :)

2. The beautiful Shifa over at Get Gawjus! posted on the new Sleek Nude Palette that I can't wait to get my hands on purely because of this post.  She has three different looks and they are beautiful.  The third look is stunning.

3. Fee at Makeup Savvy showed off her new camera shots with this post on nail polishes for Autumn.  Gorgeous photos combined with the fact that I want those shoes in the last photo.  Alas, they are from Primark from a couple of years ago but I am on the hunt for something similar.  Shiny nudey shoes will be mine!

4. Ellie at Ellie Loves has a hair crush in Olivia Palermo and so do I.  This is the shade/style I'd love to have so stay posted while Ellie and I try to get the exact same hair!  Girlfriend is rocking some seriously shiny hair...

5. The girls at Viva Adonis have a great post about the counterfeit designer goods.  There are some great points and a lot of us had something to add to the conversation.  Hopefully the girls will tackle counterfeit make up soon as it's an important topic with more and more of us ordering make up from ebay.

That's it for this week ladies.  What do we think of The Barlow?


  1. Oh my GOD Gary Barlow. What a FINE hunk of a man!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am slightly a little bit in love with gary too. It's definitely the beard!
    Love your blog!


  4. We're all crushing on Gary, who'd thunk it?!? And eh who's this Fruff and Fripperies?! That's a new one, normally get Fluff and FLipperies heheh!


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