Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Roger & Gallet Creme Sublime Bois D'Orange hand cream

I was sent the new hand cream from Roger & Gallet the other day to try out.  It's the newest addition to the Creme Sublime Bois D'Orange range.  I looked at the name of it and blinked.  My first thought having never tried any products with orange in it quite rightly was, "will this make my hands smell like Fanta"?  An important question I think you'll agree.

I am happy to report that this does not smell like Fanta, happy days!  It contains argan oil, evening primrose oil, SPF 15 and D-Panthenol.  Yeah, I didn't know what that was either but it basically has repairing and protective properties which is what you need for your poor hands.  The cream claims to improve the hydration and comfort of your hands for 8 hours after application but I can't test that out because I wash my hands so often!  I work in a hospital and we're supposed to wash our hands following their guidelines and use alcohol gel, so my hands get really dry and tight.

The cream itself is lovely and thick and is absorbed into the skin quickly leaving a soft finish thanks to the mattifying agent.  There's nothing worse than applying hand cream and then standing with your hands in the air, waving them around (like you just don't care), fingers spread, waiting for them to dry.  I've been using this at work and can start typing right away, no muss, no fuss.

So let's get on to the scent, the Fanta-less scent.  Until I do a course on how to describe scents, I'll tell you what Roger & Gallet say.  The head notes are mandarin, basil and verbena.  The heart notes are orange blossom and neroli and the base notes are amber, rosewood and Atlas cedar wood.  What I can tell you is that it smells absolutely gorgeous.  When I first apply it I can smell the mandarin and orange blossom, that I can tell you.  I might be able to smell the other notes but don't know I'm smelling them because I don't know what they smell like on their own!  I can smell the SPF which is the smell of holidays, always good!  After a few minutes, the scent changes to something so clean and fresh and almost soapy.  Soapy smells are right up my street when it comes to lotions and potions.  I'm now going to check out the other products in this range, I mean, if they have a body spray that smells like this, I'm sold!

The RRP for a 75 ml tube is €9 which is pretty decent for the quality of product you receive and is available in selected pharmacies from September 2011.

I am still using this hand cream from Green Angel at night.  This is now my hand cream for every day use and the girls at work and I will make quick work of this :)  Love it and will purchase.


  1. Really nice review! Sounds like a good product :)


  2. Aha! No wonder I couldn't get hold of it last week when I went out purposely. SA was giving me the body lotion instead!

  3. Really like this handcream too x

  4. This has lovely packaging for a hand cream, its very deluxe!


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