Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ultimate hair shame - look away now if easily disturbed

In an episode of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw once spoke about Secret Single Behaviour, those things that you can only do when alone, far away from people who will think you're demented.

In the interest of full disclosure, a concept I try to live by as best as possible on the blog, I am now about to disclose some information that might make you recoil in horror, not be able to read the rest of this post and never be able to look at me in the same light again... It's a risky move, but here goes...

Ladies.... from time to time, I use one of these...

I know I know I knowwwwwwww ..... "it's U.G.L.Y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly."  

But let me explain.  I wear my hair up a lot and when I had longer hair, I wore it up in a pony tail most days.  This lead to my hair breaking all across the back of it, so sometimes after I wash and dry my hair, I'll use a scrunchie to keep it in a pony tail or a bun till I'm ready to style it or go to bed.  It's more gentle on my poor hair and to be honest, more comfy than my usual elastic bobbin and doesn't give you those bobbin dents in your hair after being tied up.  Sigh.  I can't believe I'm actually trying to explain why I use a scrunchie and make you think it's a good idea...  Anyway, back to the jibber jabber.  Comfy scrunchies.  I almost left the house with one still in the locks?!  Oh the potential horror and mortification, being seen by another human being with a big ole scunchie sitting in my hair.

Now, I don't think you're ready for this jelly but full disclosure ladies, full disclosure....

Oh yes I did, I gots me two of these bad boys.  You never know when you'll need an extra one to sit on your wrist like a bracelet, to put on your dog's leg and pretend it's a bandage, or best use of a scrunchie is to catapult it at your sister's head.  It's soft so won't hurt.  Fling at will ladies.

Does anyone want to disclose a secret to the group?  Are you a secret scrunchie user? (If you're not, even pretend just to pacify me thanks.)


  1. Ahahahaha!!! This post made me laugh so hard!
    Why is it that we are so racist against scrunchies??? They are so comfy, damn them!
    My hair shame? You know how they say you have to trim the ends every 2-3 months? Yeah right. I'd have no hair left! I only do it once a year, and I do it by myself, in horror that some hairdresser will chop all my hair away.
    Shameful, is it not? I know.

  2. I think it's ok if it's good/better for your hair and not worn outside :D...
    I mean, then, I have a hair shame, too... shower cap. Yeah :). I know I look like an idiot it in, and my friends almost passed out from laughing when they first saw me in one... but it's super effortless. I mean, even if I gather my hair in a bun on top of my head, I'm so klutzy that I always get it wet whilst having a bath/showering, even if I don't want to... :).

  3. Haha I don't have any scrunchies left, but I am in NO position to judge - I'm always losing my bobbins, and my hair drives me mad if I leave it down when it's uber-long. So, throughout the last few months before I got it cut, I've tied my hair up with anything from a popsock to the elastic band from the bunch of spring onions. I bow to your scrunchies. :)

  4. baahaahah! was skittin at this post! was expecting to see a burn head of hair or something then i scroll dow to see scrunchies? dont know whats worse! ah no, they aint that bad! i loved mine baxk in the day and had bright neon ones! have no hair secret really apart from the fact that im OBSESSED with haircare!have waaay too many bottles of shampoo lying around!

  5. Oh yeah I remember when it was kool (yes cool with a k) to have your scrunchie on your wrist

    Would ye not get one of the old non ouchy hair bands .. Or go all out and get a patterned scrunchie

  6. LOL, you are mental! I know the particular episode you're talking about here, I know all of them!

    I have one, well hidden- cause I can't find it anymore. I only use it around the house too when washing my face or something, but ne-he-ver in public :O! xo

  7. Haha omg i thought I was alone haha my scrunchie is pure leopard print and velvet !!! where it came out of I don't no, I didn't buy it anyway, I swear !!! Defo wouldn't be worn outside the door !! Only for wearing with the house clothes !!! Xxxx

  8. Haha, brilliant!!
    The first step is admitting the problem...!

    I remember back at school, you could buy a pack of three scrunchies in 3 different but matching colours and they had little bits of thread coming off them and we used to wear all three round a pony tail - Ombre-ing ahead of the times!!


  9. ahaha, love this post and you writing style Karen.

  10. Y - I don't know why we don't embrace the scrunchie more! We won't tell anyone you trim your own hair :)

    doroffee - I have a shower cap in the shape of a panda head! I'm like you, trying to keep hair dry in a shower is physically impossible hehe

    MsGreenEyes - I love that you use popsocks to tie your hair back!! Ah you win :)

    Skinny Peach - am also obsessed with hair care, i mean you can only use one shampoo at a time but of course I have about 4 on the go!

    Actionmags - I dont know of any non ouchy hairbands. I have hair bobbins that I use to tie my hair back but when my hair is wet, it hurts my poor little follicles having it tied up so tightly, ah poor follicles..

    Vintage Makeup - glad I'm not alone in scrunchie love!

    ArtDonatella - love that you also use a scrunchie (even if it's a total secret) hehe

    Makeup Hair and Glitz - Oh that scrunchie sounds amazeballs!! you gotta love the velvet ones :)

    A - I'm Karen and I'm a scrunchaholic hehe

    cornflakegirl - ah thanks Paula :)

  11. Scrunchies are the best things to wear at night if the hair is tied up, they provide minimum snag and are super comfy!
    What a funny post!


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