Saturday, September 3, 2011

EOTD featuring Essence & Catrice

It's Saturday and that means I'm tidying the house.  It also means that while I was procrastinating in starting the process, I felt it was the right time to start playing with make up and clean away with my marigolds and a full face of make up!

Last week, I picked up the three eye souffles from the Ballerina Backstage collection by Essence.  They're called 01 dance the swan lake, 02 pas de copper and 03 grand-pliĆ© in black and all the bargaintastic price of €2.79.
Left: 02 pas de copper.     Right: 03 grande pliĆ© in black, 02 pas de copper, 01 dance the swan lake
Today's look is featuring my favourite of the three, 02 pas de copper.  It's perfect for a subtle natural look and gives a pretty, shimmery look to the eye.  I was expecting the consistency of the shadows to be along the lines of the Maybelline mousse shadows, more fluffy and I was happy to see that they're more on the creamy side.  I'm not a fan of the airy moussey ones, I feel like they ball up when I'm trying to blend them out, but my copper love is so blendable, pigmented and just plain gorgeous.  You need this one in your life.

I've been wearing this shade to work all week and it's just beautiful.  Anything that gives me a nice eyelid with a quick swipe and a blend that early in the morning is worth it's weight in gold!

I use eye primers when working with most eye shadows but you would definitely need one with a creamy shadow like this.  After about 6 hours it starts to crease slightly which isn't too bad, so I just blend it again with my little finger and I'm good to go.

02 pas de copper with flash (left) and no flash (right)

But my procrastination didn't end there.  I also bought this last week and have been dying to play with it, so today was that day.  I bring you Catrice's gel liner in the shade Sherlock & Khaki Holmes which was a mere €4.49!

This shade has my name written all over it.  Not literally.  I find wearing black liner to work can be a bit much, especially when I'm in a rush.  A colour like this is more forgiving in the accuracy (or lack of, in my case) of application.  This metallic dark greeny khahi coloured gel liner has gold shimmer running through it.  It's super creamy and glides along the eyelid easily.

I used my bent liner brush from Benefit to slick the liner along my upper lash line, winging it out ever so slightly.

I love me some shimmery eyes and I am not afraid to answer the door if anyone rings the bell unannounced!  Not like yesterday's glittertastic look!

Has anyone tried tried these products yet?  Or are there any more you'd recommend?  I'll be playing with the other two shadows from the Backstage Ballerina collection and will report back on what I think.


  1. Oh wow! Didn't know Catrice had new shades out. I love their black and brown one so I must get my hands on this. :-)

  2. I LOVE this! And I also feel very resentful that we don't have Catrice or Essence up here. :(


  3. love love loooove the looks, might have to look again for the essence collection, i think it's about 2 months since i'm on the lookout for it? guess it's well worth the wait xx

  4. I love pas des copper and have been wearing it all week with some of my Inglot shadows.

    The liner is gorgeous too, must pick it up.

  5. Ive never heard of these products but i love the finish they've given.


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