Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaack and look what I bought!

Well ladies, I went, I sunbathed, I melted and I was very good in the make up buying department *ahem*  We won't talk about the shoes and scarves I bought, sweet baby Jesus I'm sorted for life now in that regards!  I had a lovely time and can't believe the two weeks went by so quickly.  Now it's back to business and we're gearing up to finish our first Blogoversary celebrations and pick some winners!

So do you wanna see what I bought?  Yeah, thought so...  I got my beloved Elie Saab perfume in the duty free on the way home yesterday and it came with a little body lotion and 2 samples to carry around in my already heavy bag.  A review of this is coming soon but be prepared that if I meet any of you over the coming weeks, I will be making you smell me, that's how much I love this perfume.

Next up was the only purchase made in the duty free on the way out, that's how restrained I was!  They're Real! from Benefit made the cut and I snapped it up.  Same goes for this, a review is coming soon with a bit of a twist.

The third and final purchase made me go "ooh" in the airport in Spain yesterday.  Now take a look and go "ooh" yourself...

It's Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in the shade Epatant and it was love at first sight.  Review soon as usual.

Didn't I do well?  (Ignoring the shoes, scarves, bags and blazers I got too *ahem*)  I missed ye all and am looking forward to getting back into my routine, I have lots to blog about!

Karen x


  1. I love the look of the Chanel! Hope you had a lovely holiday :)

  2. You were very restrained with your purchases Karen, looking forward to all the reviews.

  3. I smelled that Elie Saab perfume in Debenhams - it's delish! Welcome home :)

  4. Welcome back.... looking forward to reading about your adventures!

    love the look of that Chanel shadow... major envy.

  5. Glad you're back lovely!

    I sniffed Ellie Saab last week, it is the SEX. Definitely on the list to buy xo

  6. Welcome back hun! I love, love Elie Saab, one of my faves at the moment, and Chanel Illussion D'Ombre? Damn, girl, you went wild!!! Look forward to reading your review on it :D! xo

  7. Epatant looks amazing! :) Looking forward to the review & welcome back!

  8. I bought Mirifique but Epatante was a close second so can't wait for your review!

  9. confessionsofamakeupaholic - had a lovely time, all relaxed now :)

    cornflakegirl - restrained was my middle name so it was :)

    SileC - isn't it gorge?

    Girlwiththeskew-earring - thanks mrs, am afraid to use it yet, I like to admire nice things like this for a few days hehe

    Halima - Hiya! Isn't the perfume gowjus, lemmie know when you buy it

    ArtDonatella - I knew you'd love it too, we have similar perfumey tastes!

    Vintage Makeup - It's too beautiful to mess with yet, gonna get stuck in the weekend :)

    Actionmags - You did pretty well shopping in Norn Iron yourself :)

    fluff and fripperies - I was going between those two myself, but I was restrained (this time) hehe

  10. That perfume is on my duty free shopping list too! Gorge!


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