Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The one where Karen gets her first ever facial! Thanks to The Body Shop!

I finally did it ladies.  I, Karen, beauty blogger and self confessed lover of all things make up, beauty and cosmeticals went and got myself a facial!  I have always had this weird phobia about facials and manicures, imagining I'd feel claustrophobic with someone else's hands all over my face.  I don't know what my fear with manicures was, I think because I never really took care of my nails until recently, I was afraid I'd scare the manicurist.  I had nail and cuticle shame.

I was invited along to The Body Shop to try out one of their mini facials and after having my brows threaded and then poor red brow area touched up with make up at the launch of the Honey Bronze Collection a few months ago, I had no fear whatsoever and put myself in their hands!  My appointment was with Fiona who was lovely and as we chatted, we found out we're basically twins.  We both had little cysts on our faces in the past that we had to get removed, we both have the same type of skin, we're both tall, skinny and gorgeous....*ahem*

So on to the facial.  Fiona and I had a chat about my skin type and we chose what products to use for the facial.  These were the chosen few...

Fiona started off by using the Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover (€11.95-250mls) on some of the Organic Cotton Pads (€3.95) to remove my eye make up.  This felt so lightweight on the eyes and she was careful not to pull or drag the cotton pad around my eyes.  Instead she placed the pads over my eyes and tapped ever so gently on the pads to help loosen my make up.  There was no oily residue left on my eyes, just clean eyelids.

We decided to use the Seaweed range since it was best suited to my combination skin.  First up was the Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser (€10.95-200mls).  Fiona applied it all over my face, massaging it in using circular motions.  It was at this point that I started feeling really rather relaxed and could have happily fallen asleep!  She used more of the cotton pads to remove the dissolved makeup and cleanser.  She used the Seaweed Clarifying Toner (€10.95-200mls) to remove any remaining cleanser.  This felt fresh and light on my skin and is alcohol-free which is always good for the aul skin.

Before we went to use the Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (€16.50-50mls), we decided to have a bit of an exfoliation since I'm such a fan of that.  As soon as I found out that the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (€17-75mls) was the "scrubbiest" of all the scrubs The Body Shop offers, I knew this was the one for me.  Containing crushed garnet stones, it brightens the skin giving a more radiant look.  Who wouldn't want to use something with smushed up gemstones in it?  This is my type of scrub, not too abrasive, clears away all the dead skin cells, smells good, happy days.  Fiona used a facial cleansing sponge (€4.95) to remove the scrub, leaving me with squeaky clean skin.

Fiona then used the Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion (€16.50-50 mls) on my face which felt nice and light on the skin.  It's a lightweight moisturiser that balances the oil on your skin while tackling the dreaded shine, combined with an SPF 15 and you got yourself a really lovely product. 

Finally we finished off my skin (I say we, but we know we mean Fiona) with the Vitamin C Skin Reviver (€21-30mls).  This had a zingy orange fragrance and felt like a silicon primer on the skin.  It gave my skin a super smooth finish ready for make up, which I didn't have time to get done there unfortunately, next time!  I got a little sample of this and the scrub to play with so will give my full review on them soon.

All in all it took 30 minutes and was a really nice way to end my day!  I walked Grafton Street with no make up feeling radiant and confident (while trying not to fall, this always happens when I get smug like this).  Facials usually costs €15 but keep an eye out for skin care promotions in the shop where you can get a complimentary facial.  If you wanted to get your make up done, that costs a mere €10 and both charges for the facial and makeover can be redeemed against make up and skin care products.

I will most definitely be getting another facial, along with getting a make over and sure while I'm at it, my brows need a fixin' so keep an eye out for that after my holidays!  Thanks to all the girls in The Body Shop on Grafton Street, especially my twin Fiona and the lovely Suzanne who organised it all.  I'll be back soon, see what you've started now?!

Has anyone gotten any of these done in The Body Shop?


  1. That sounds lovely! Will definitely check it out!

  2. It sounds lovely! I've never tried any of their products. :)

  3. Haha, well done you! T'was about bloody time, eh? (haven't had a facial, mani, pedi etc either :P) xx

  4. Sounds great, I'll definitely be checking it this service out and I love that the cost is redeemable against products bought on the day.

  5. I love having my brows threaded, i swear by it for a cheaper and less painful alternative to waxing! Results are fantastic.
    I have never seen any facials in The Body Shop but ill definitely see if my local store offers such a service!


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