Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty sparkly nails!

Tomorrow I'm heading out on the town with Dee and Sinead from Viva Adonis and the preparations have begun already.  This is what has to be done when going out during the week right after work!  I think I know what I'm wearing but needed to do the nails and since I'm wearing a gunmetal dress top yokey, I wanted to do something pretty and dainty on the nails.  So what did I do?  Emptied my entire nail polish collection all over the floor and had a good root (please note that this has grown even more since that post - can't help it!)

These are the two that spoke to me tonight.  They said "Wear us Karen, we're pretty, sparkly, dainty and your coworkers won't think you're demented with your mad nail polish.  Think of them when you're drinking your coffee at breakfast and blinding them with the amount of glitter you usually wear on your nails".

On the left is Grammercy Glitz and on the right is Oh Soho Sweet, both from NYC.  They're from the Expert Last Nail Polish range and are only €1.99 each.  Oh Soho Sweet is a milky pale pink that goes on quite sheer but not streaky and is a dupe for one of the polishes Kate Middleton wore to her wedding, Bourjois So Laque in Rose Lounge.  Grammercy Glitz is a cutie patootie multicoloured glitter polish in a clear base.  I reckon it'd be pretty over a dark polish too so must give that a whirl.

This is three layers of Oh Soho Sweet and one layer of Grammercy Glitz (I was watching tv so didn't mind lashing on the layers).  There's no top coat because my beloved Seche Vite died in Spain, the heat finally kicked it into a gloopy mess so I'll be getting a new one this weekend hopefully.

It's the perfect combination to make me look more tanned, look more ladylike and we all know I love any excuse to put glitter polish on!  It's a cute, subtle look and after tomorrow night I'm going to see what it looks like with a matte top coat over it after seeing it on beaut today.

Do we like?  Do I look like I have lady fingers now?  Well, I am "The Real Woman" so I must start living up to that (for now)!


  1. Oooh, I do like the look of that pink! NYC polishes are pretty darn good. I use their topcoat and it's fab for me! :) xx

  2. Fairy nails! Twimkle twinkle! Lovely, probably the only sort of glittery nail look i'd go for!

  3. Gorgeous!! You just reminded me that I have that glittery NYC one, must dig it out & experiment a bit. Lovely!

  4. Love it! Very pretty and elegant but still with a bit of sparkle. Hope you all have fun, where are you off to? x

  5. Gorgeous sparkly nails, love them!

    Laura xo


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